Taboo Office Sex-I learned submission can be the quickest way to Bliss.

Taboo office sex has been a long-time fantasy for a very long time.  And, surrendering to a true master fantasy has been my inner foreplay for most of my life.  My biggest fantasy involved my hot boss taking control.  Then fantasy turned into reality and I almost didn’t know what to do.

I had been crushing on my hot boss for months now.  And, then I got caught in a taboo office sex fantasy that was truly right out of an erotic novel.  My boss had asked me to stay late.  Of course, taboo office sex was my constant longing which had been unfulfilled.  We were alone in the conference room when it happened.  I leaned over him to pick up the last remnants of our shared dinner.

My boss gasped and I looked down to see that my blouse had come undone.  I blushed as I reached to close it.  His had stopped me as he slid his fingers inside.  My nipples hardened as he squeezed and leaned forward to kiss me.  And, then his mouth followed the path of his fingers as he took my nipple deep.  His tongue felt like it had a direct line to my achingly wet cunt.

Taboo Office Sex is On the Menu

I tried to take a step back but was caught up in my skirt.  Feeling myself start to fall I fell backward when his strong hand on my back pulled me closer toward him. His mouth continued its relentless assault on my breast and his other hand slid down along my ass and along my very wet slit “No, I can’t, I mean,” my words turned into a groan as his capable fingers slid in between soft folds and found my clit. Gasping with pleasure as he began playing with my tiny bud, his fingers mimicking the motions his mouth made on my breast.

Hot Phone Sex starts in the Imagination of Chanel

My body betrayed me as my climax started to build. His fingers continued to circle my clit, increasing the sensations and causing ripples of excitement to travel through my body. When his teeth nipped at taut nipples the pleasure was so overwhelming that I gasped for air. “Oh my GOD,”, pulling his head closer to me. “Please,” whispering desperately, frantic for release. He pressed me back up against the desk and his mouth found my neck. He kissed and nipped delicate skin, every action adding to my desire. “Are you ready?” he asked, his voice low and sexy. “Yes,” I answered, surprised at the desperation in my voice. “You are ready for me to take you? To plunge my hard cock deep inside you, and thrust it in, over and over until you can’t take any more?”  I had never wanted a man more.

Phone Sex can be your ticket to Ecstasy

No longer caring if I should be doing this.  All I knew was that I wanted to feel him inside of me. “Yes, yes,” moaning urgently. “Please take me,” I begged. Feeling hands move away from me.  Groaning from the loss. When I heard his pants rustle to the ground I pushed my hips forward and was rewarded with his hard cock pressed up against my soft pussy. Grinding my hips against him, I pulled him toward me and felt his broad strong back under my fingers. His cock teased the edge of my achingly wet pussy and moaned “please” into his neck.  And, then I felt the familiar tingling in my pussy.  Of course, I knew that it meant that my body was about to explode in creamy pleasure.  My legs began to shake.

Consequently, his hard cock began to pound my hot cunt even harder.  He had gripped my calves as my body raced to that place of no return.  My screams filled the room as my body exploded in wet pleasure.  And, then I looked down as his hard cock suddenly pulled out of my wet pussy.  I moaned again as hot cum spread across my belly and heaving breast.  Of course, we smiled into each other’s faces with combined pleasure.

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