Neither He nor I Thought our Taboo Incest Fantasy Would Ever Come to Fruition – I Guess One Should Never Say Never

Ah, family traditions. It is the glue that keeps a family together and entwined in each other’s lives. At least it holds true with me and mine. The case in point is our family dinner night. You see, once a month we get together as a family and reconnect. And that night is always the first Sunday night of the month. This last family dinner is the focus of my little tale. It’s the night when my taboo incest fantasy became a reality.

So, at this particular Sunday night get together, things started out as they usually do. The whole crew was in attendance, including my niece and her husband Liam. Ahh, Liam – he was the epitome of a fine male specimen. A tall, dark, and handsome specimen if ever there was. How my niece snagged him was beyond me, but I’ll enjoy the view nevertheless. As you can probably guess, he was the focus of many of my taboo incest fantasies. Did I mention that he was a fine specimen of a male? Well, it’s certainly worth mention again, lol.

He truly was the center of many a taboo incest fantasy. But I digress.

Back to the night in question. Now we’ve always flirted, he and I. Each encounter of ours seemed to escalate exponentially, pushing the envelope as it were. Moreover, our sexually filled banter was fun, great for my ego, and always left my panties wet. Not sure when I made the decision to push things farther, but when I saw him on the last family gathering, visions of him and I together, fucking hard and fast like bunnies, kept flooding my mind.

Likewise, I wanted to do such dirty things to him, and have him do them to me – it became one of my most guilty pleasures that somewhere along the way, had morphed into my obsession. I kept thinking, we’re only related by marriage, so technically it wouldn’t be incest – a lie to be sure of. In any case, my “Non-incest” incestuous aunt/nephew play fantasy had engulfed my every thought.

The night’s festivities started as it always does – everyone buzzing about, chatting and laughing, the wine and beer flowing freely. I was shameless with my flirtations with Liam – and he was right there with me. Consequently, I could feel my juices flowing, and my wet panties were becoming sopping with each passing minute.

He excused himself, saying something about draining the snake. As a result, all I could think of with that supposedly innocent statement was me on my knees, his cock in my hand as I clamped my lips around his pulsating, mushroomed head. Yeah, I’d drain that snake.

Oops – there goes that taboo incest fantasy of mine running rampant again.

As he excused himself to find the bathroom, thoughts of turning my taboo fantasy into a dirty reality flooded me. And with that one determined obsession, I slipped away quietly, determined to find my prey. I easily caught up with him in the hallway. It was semi narrow, and if two people wanted to pass each other, one had to turn sideways to do so. He turned automatically, thinking that I wanted to pass, but instead, I pushed up against him. He could feel my hard nipples through the sheer fabric of my dress.

My hand went shamelessly to his crotch, squeezing around his already swelling cock. I leaned into him, my lips a breath away from his ear saying, “I think I need to help you drain that snake of yours much more thoroughly.” With my hand still keeping a firm grip on his now fully erect cock, I led him back to the bathroom. Seems he was more than ready to push things between us to the next, dirty level.

Oh, the things we did in there… and the things we did all evening long!!  Like to know all those delicious and decadent deets? Then just give my phone sex number a call, and I spill, confessing how I gave into those incest fantasy desires in one hot, taboo phone sex session!

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