Taboo Family Pleasure is hot and sweet in my house.

After that first time, stepdaddy Bruce and me had our hot carpet picnic with a side of sex as a monthly tradition.   And, of course, the taboo family pleasure was always on the menu. Bruce and I had gotten into a monthly routine of meeting for dinner and then having each other for dessert.  But last month we had to cancel because I had the flu. After several days of being sick, I got a message from Mom that she was making her famous soup. Well, I definitely felt better after the soup was in my house.  But feeling better didn’t have anything to do with chicken soup.

Laying in bed I heard the front door open. I could hear the sound of movement in the kitchen.  Sitting up in bed with nothing but an old t-shirt covering me as I watched the door open. Surprised I watched as Bruce walked into the room. “I thought Daddy could help you feel better.”  Of course, my pussy filled with fluid as his words slid throughout my entire body.

Taboo Phone Sex-Daddy Style

Moving to sit beside me on the bed his hand slipped under the covers as I leaned back again on the bed. His big hand slid my shirt open exposing my breast and very erect nipples.  Looking into my eyes as he leaned down and took one in his mouth and began sucking it hard.  Fingers from his other began playing my other nipple as if it were an instrument.  Moaning I arched my back as my fingers gripped his head closer to me.  Maybe I should fight but this was definitely not one of those forced sex stories.  Bruce slid his fingers down to my pink panty covered pussy.  And, then he began to slide his fingers up and down the lips of my pussy through my panties.  My hips and ass began shaking and convulsing with my pleasure.

My hips began to move in obvious arousal.   And, then suddenly my panties seemed to disappear.  Daddy’s very talented fingers slid between my already wet pussy lips.  As his mouth moved to my other nipple he began to finger fuck my cunt.  “Oh Daddy, please fuck your baby!”  Of course, the room filled with the sounds of hot and sweaty sex.

Taboo Family Pleasure is on the Menu

Moving off the bed, Daddy stood over me while he quickly slid off his clothes.  His hard cock caught my eye and I couldn’t resist moving to sit on the edge of the bed.  I smiled sweetly up into Daddy’s face as I leaned forward.  Taking his hard length into my mouth as I grabbed his ass for leverage I moaned in pleasure.  Then he slid his fingers into my hair and started face fucking my throat.  I felt my gag reflex begin to activate.  And, then I closed my eyes even as I swallowed his hard length deeper into my throat.  The muscles of my throat reversed direction as I swallowed pulling Daddy’s cock further down.  His cock started to grow as his orgasm approached.

Pulling out he pushed me back on the bed to slide his hard flesh deep and hard into my soaking cunt.  My soaking wet pussy exploded with pleasure as we dove deeper in taboo family pleasure. Daddy began pounding my pussy with such force that orgasms began vibrating repeatedly.  My pussy was pulsing with one orgasm after another.   Screaming in pleasure as he fucked me hard I screamed, “YESSSS…Daddy.”  The sound of our mutual pleasure filled the room as we came.

Daddy Knows Best

As I basking in the afterglow of the pleasure that was still pulsing through my body, Bruce jumped out of bed.  I could hear Daddy moving around in my kitchen.  And, then he was back in the room with a tray.  As Daddy sat down beside me I could see he had brought me a steaming hot bowl of soup and a cup of tea.  Before I could reach for the bowl, Daddy began feeding me.  Daddy looked into my eyes as I opened my mouth for the first spoonful of soup.  Daddy smiled as a drop of soup slid down my chin.  Leaning forward his tongue traced the path of the soup on my throat.  And, then his mouth was against my ear as he whispered, “Eat all your soup baby girl.  Daddy wants to fuck that ass next…

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