Slutty Stranger sex: A Missed Opportunity on the Road

When I was younger, I used to hitchhike if I got tired of walking randomly.  One incredibly hot day sticks out in my memory.  Which, of course, is part of my hottest slutty stranger sex fantasies. The semi-arid landscape seemed to go on forever. I was wearing nothing but old sandals, a pair of jean shorts, and shorts that seemed almost too short.  My slender body and big tits glistened with sweat under the burning sun.  Although not my intention to show off my, I enjoyed being comfortable with the attention.  I spotted something in the distance and turned to the side with arm outstretched and waited.

As the truck came closer, it slowed and pulled onto the shoulder.  The driver stepped out and walked around the front of the truck and slowly walked toward me.  His size sent a shiver down my spine and got my pussy tingling.  Six foot three, middle-aged, mustache.

“Hey there, need a ride?” his husky voice was accompanied by a slow smile.

“Yes, Sir,” I whispered with a mix of excitement and fear.

“Cool, it’ll be nice to have some company on the long stretches coming up. We’ll get going in just a minute, need to take a leak.

The trucker glanced around to make sure the coast was clear.  I watched as the man unzipped his fly, pulled out a very sizeable cock, and proceeded to pee next to me.

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As the miles rolled by, we talked. The driver and I  were having lunch at a roadside diner; he asked the purpose of my trip. Basically, I told him I was doing it for the adventure; to try new things and learn more about myself.  He said he certainly understood and respected that. I was barely listening due to all the slutty stranger sex I was imagining happening with my sexy driver as the leading man.

We parked at the next rest area, used the restroom, and went to his truck’s sleeper.  It wasn’t large or fancy, just a comfortable bed in an alcove that took up most of the space.

My Pussy Was Aching for Attention

While removing his shirt, he said,” I sleep in the buff, hope you don’t mind.” He wasted no time and stripped completely naked in front of me. Of course, his body was even more imposing now with abundant body hair, a bit of a belly, and powerful, muscular limbs. Watching him, I could feel my cunt filling with wetness. My slutty stranger sex lover was even better than I thought.  I found it hard not to stare at his body as I sat on the bed, removing my shoes.

Looking up, I saw that he was staring at me with a smile on his face. “Like what you see?”, his voice startled me with its rich timber.  Nodding, I stood up and slowly undressed in front of him.  When naked, I whispered, “Perhaps I could give you a message to show my gratitude for the ride?” I couldn’t help thinking that if I played my cards right, this could be a very dirty sex story.

My strong hands lubed with oil, started massaging his thighs as I knelt in front of him.  And, then, I was looking down as he began stroking his hard cock.  And, then, he was smiling with my hands on his knees. I leaned down to take his cock in my mouth.  His big hands gripped my head and pushed his achingly hard flesh deep in my throat.  And, then, I was gagging as his hot cum shot deep. I groaned in pleasure. I moaned as I realized my slutty stranger sex fantasy was turning into reality.

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“Beautiful little mouth you have there!” he said as his fingers slowly slid down the length of my breasts and stomach. Of course, I found myself smiling with pleasure.  Sliding between my legs, he smiled up at me from between my spread legs.  Sliding a tongue deep into my wet cunt as I moaned in pleasure. Slutty stranger sex boy slid his mouth down my pussy crack and brushed the pink flesh of my opening, causing a powerful shiver to shoot through me.  Of course, I couldn’t help feeling a tingle at how this oral sex story would be after.

“You said earlier that the purpose of your trip was to explore and try new things…”

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I’ll tell you more about my Fantasy of what I wish happened