Only a confident woman can train a pathetic sissy pantie boy the correct way. I love fucking with their minds, almost hypnotizing and pushing their boundaries beyond their limits. Just the way they whimper and grovel truly gets my panties wet. It wasn’t that much of a surprise when I caught Paulie snooping around my bedroom over the summer. I couldn’t resist exploiting his hidden sissy pantie boy fetish.

Paulie and I were hanging out late one day when he excused himself to use the bathroom. After about 15 minutes I started to wonder if he had gotten lost or something. So I called to him “Hey Paulie?” No response. Quietly I walked down the hallway, passed the bathroom, and to my bedroom. Slowly I opened the door and peeked in to find Paulie doing the most unspeakable thing ever. Not only had he wandered into my bedroom, which was an absolute no-no, but he was in my panty drawer.

I couldn’t believe my eyes! There Paulie stood rubbing my panties all over his pathetic body. Sniffing and licking the crotch of my panties, while rubbing another pair of my worn panties against his cock. “Are you out of your fucking mind?” I yelled. Not one pair, but all my panties were spread out all over my bed. His little pantie fetish fantasy ended rather abruptly when he heard the piercing sound of my voice. “Did I give you permission to rub my pretty panties all over your wretched body?” He was in shock and couldn’t even answer me.

All things considered, the humiliation was unbearable, as he stood there in shame.  He looked like a pathetic little schoolboy caught in the act. I snatched my panties from his hand and held them in front of his face. “Is this what you like? Are you a panty wearing sissy boy?” I taunted him by shaking the panties in his face. Still no answer. “Are you gonna just stand there? What the cat got your tongue?”

By this time, I was all fired up and fit to be tied. In turn, I reached out and grabbed his nose between my thumb and index finger. Consequently, he opened his mouth and I stuffed a pair of my dirty panties into his gaping pie hole. I anticipated a whimper not one of pleasure. Paulie was enjoying every second and seemed to be amused by my reaction. “You don’t know me – do you?”

In this case, I ordered him to strip down and informed him we were going to play a game. Removing the panties from his mouth, I ordered him to put them on immediately. In any event, there was no stopping me!!  I was going to make him my sissy pantie boy bitch. I am pretty sure he thought this was going to be a fun game. The anticipation was building in his mind, as well as in his panties. Paulie’s eyes suddenly filled with fear when he knew I meant business. I pushed his face down on the bed, as I searched for my beautiful strap on. I slipped into my extension and teased him by rubbing it against his pantie covered ass. “Did you really think you could get away with this?”

With this in mind, I leaned in and whispered in his ear. He could feel my body against his, as he quivered in excitement and fear. Grabbing his hair, I couldn’t resist rubbing the thick black cock against his face. “Open your mouth!” I ordered and I slowly forced the head into his mouth. “Better do a good job, my little bitch, this is all the lube you are getting.”

Furthermore listening to him gag and watching his eyes fill with tears made my panties saturated. Above all, I couldn’t resist completing the task of making him my panty boy bitch. In one quick move, I shifted behind him and made Paulie spread his own ass cheeks. Slowly penetrating, I began pegging the fucker just like I knew his little heart desired. Consequently, the yelp quickly turned to moans of pleasure, as he pushed himself back against my body, begging for me to fuck him harder and deeper. Nevertheless, this was the beginning of exploring all his XXX Kinky Fetishes.

Furthermore, Paulie couldn’t hold his excitement back any longer, one last thrust, and his once limp little dick came all over the bedroom floor. I pulled my extension from his man pussy and slapped it against his ass. “You are just another notch in my bedpost you panty wearing sissy boy,” I said as I slipped out of my strap-on and left him lying there in his own filth.

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