A story worthy of the Shhhhh…? Divine Debauchery is one such tale.  Settle back, or lean in and listen to a story likely to shrink your balls and make your head swell, aching to cum. But, you will not be allowed such immense pleasure…You will have to wait! Oh…there WILL be vignettes in the tale offering pussy pounding, ass licking, fingering and the like. But, the story of debauchery is much more licentious than you could ever imagine.  How does one becum so depraved in their sexuality?  Haha! Wouldn’t YOU like to know!

Enter…stage left, The Man. We’ll just call him The Sexxxy BEAST…to protect his identity. Can’t have the masses just knowing who and potentially where he is. The poor man would never see another moments rest in his life…until he’s in a pine box! He’s that fucking good at what he does. What does he do?

Hmmmm. Hard to really explain, but I’ll try.

His first bit of seduction is with the way he gathers you with his eyes…Holding you there…caressing every inch of your body…with his gaze! Oh shit! I wanted to run…but, I wanted, even MORE, to STAY!  He was a fucking modern-day vampire. He could actually CALL your name without uttering a sound. And you’d CUM to him…just like Dracula! He used the accoutrements of the sex game, but never did he have to use them…Whips, chains, gags and masks all adorn his lair, but you’d do whatever he told you without threats.

Well, maybe one threat…He could make you squirt by simply teasing and denying you that which you truly wanted…TO SQUIRT all over the place. Edging Master is his nickname…What?!?! LOL       And secure? Oh, hell yeah! He will pony up and take a strap on like a champ. And then he’ll fuck my ass in return; taking his own cum down his throat in cream-pie heaven after blowing his load in me!

Are you game to Lift the Red Veil with me? Giggle.