Sex Toy Play is one of the Key Ingredients  to a Hot Night Alone with Chanel

Sex toy play became a part of my sexual self very early. I’ve always been an erotic and horny being from a very young age.  My body started to tingle with pleasure and anticipation way before I ever had any idea what was actually happening.  Taking a shower at the age of 12 became my first encounter with assisted orgasm. The pulsing pressure from the handheld massager head was mind-blowing.  Still riding the high of the shower massager I was eager to try a vibrator.

My first vibrator was a silver bullet.  Pressed against my clit for the first time it was like a thousand tongues rolling deep into my cunt.  Sex toy play became a great companion to a very eager lover in training for me.  Drawing out what felt like endless amounts of juicy cum.  That first bullet inspired orgasms quite literally made me cry with pleasure.

Best Phone Sex with a twist

Of course, my tastes in sex toy play since then has gotten much more varied and complex.  With so many choices out there now I sometimes feel like a kid in a candy store.   There are times that my favorite nights are the ones that I have a nice long bath with candles. Then I just let the good times roll through with a couple of my favorite toys.

After another wine, the idea of a bath appealed.  My extra special washcloth with light vibration is one of my favorite solo love foreplay tools. Naked, I step into the bath and lay back and feel the magic begin.  My vibrating washcloth tingled in my hand.  I felt a shiver run down my body at the thought of that cloth.

Reaching for the wine glass, sipping I allowed the wine to roll over my palate before sliding down my throat. It was so decadent, lying there sipping on wine, lights casting the room in a certain ambiance and warmth.  The water and the smell of the bubbles all combined to get my pussy tingling with anticipation.  Running the silky smooth vibrating cloth up and down on my already aching cunt I moan with pleasure.  For twenty minutes I bring myself right to the edge of release in the warm bath. Getting my pussy ready for the big show waiting in my bed.  Drying myself off I slip into a purple silk robe and move into my bedroom.

Learn from a Master 

The room is dark except for one candle lit beside the bed.  Standing beside my bed I slide my robe off my still warm and slightly still damp body.  Lying on my silky sheets I run my hands down my aroused body.  I begin playing with my nipples as my knees come up and spread in readiness for the Big Boy.

My favorite vibrator friend is the Big Boy. He’s black and 10 inches of pleasure.  Picking up the Big Boy I run his length up and down my front. Coming to rest just above my partially shaven cunt. He looks so erotic. The dark black against my pale white skin. Flexing my knees I raise my already wet pussy higher on the pillow and slowly rub the end against my cunt opening. The feeling started to make me so horny I had to try and take it up inside my wet hole. The walls of my sweet passage slowly spread as it slid smoothly into me, creating a feeling a little bit of pain as well as an incredible feeling of fullness.

Sometimes When I Play I think of Teen Pussy Sex to Get Off in the Tub

When I had worked about 3 inches in I switched it on to a higher speed.   The result was truly amazing. My juices seem to flow from an endless stream of pleasure.  It was as though the big boy was my lover.  And, he knew exactly how to make my body quiver in deep, deep pleasure.  Hips bucking trying to get more in. Inch by inch it made it’s relentless way up until I explode in pleasure.  Slowly pulling the big boy out until my hand moved up my body and then moved over my mouth, then touched my wet lips…….

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