I am working at a hair salon and it’s a slow day. You are going to the barbershop next door but accidently stop into my shop. Yay! A new toy! Before you turn around I tell you I am going to give you a  free makeover! I know you are a boy but haven’t you ever had a deep dark urge to be a girl for a while? Well here is your chance!

Before you know it, I am shampooing your hair. Joanie is doing your nails. We all agree on pink nail polish! You start to object, but I give you a mimosa spiked with a pill that will make you relax. Just give in to all of us hot girls turning you into one of us. I will dye and set your hair while Ashley finds a sexy slutty outfit for you to wear. We will put you in sexy strappy high heels and we will even shave your legs! Are you getting turned on yet?  Once we put your make up on, and stuff that hard dick into some sexy panties, we will show you the reveal!

What a sexy girl you are now! I bet you want to go out with us and find some cock to suck now, wouldn’t you?

Call me and let’s play out your darkest fantasies!

mean girl sam

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