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I love having so many partners who I care about. But there is something so fun about a hot random Tinder hookup with someone you know you will never see again. That is exactly what happened Monday night when I got invited into this guy’s hotel room. He was visiting from Chicago on a strictly business trip…well, not that strict I suppose. We were going to get into trouble that night. I got his hotel name and room number within ten messages of him messaging me. He was intriguing and I just had to know what he was about. He looked so hot and after such a fun weekend, I was ready to play again. I needed to soak in this more than I did last hot teen spring break.

I arrived at the hotel wearing a little black dress with black pumps to match. These shoes had a really cute ankle strap. I topped it all off with bright red lipstick that just screamed: “fuck me”. It was a quick elevator ride up to the top floor. I was already super horny and ready to get off with this hot traveling stranger. I knocked on the door, and it was quickly answered by a tall dark haired man wearing nothing but a black silk robe. Who knew we would be matching?

He pulled me into him right away, and we started passionately kissing.

I loved the feel of his tongue against mine. It was so fucking hot. The feel of his body was really good. I could feel his hard cock against me, and I wanted it right away. I pushed him down on the hotel bed, and I let his robe fall open. His hard cock sprung out, and that’s when the fun really started from the random Tinder hookup. I started pushing my mouth around his cock.

I could taste his pre-cum in my mouth. It tasted really good as I pushed his cock down my throat as deep as I could go until my tongue was pushing up against his balls. His moans filled the air and I knew he was enjoying it. It looked so lubed up and messy when I pulled up from sucking on his big cock. The look in his eye told me exactly what I needed to know. He wanted to be filling me up with his hot cum, and I was not going to stop him. He grabbed me, and now it was my turn to be pushed on the bed.

I started pushing his big cock deep inside me.

It stretched me out in the best way, and I started bouncing up and down on him. The rhythm of us fucking was perfect even if we were just two strangers having a great time. I looked in the hotel mirror, and could see the both of us perfectly which is what pushed me over the edge completely. Then, I started cumming and soaking his cock in all my pussy juices. I looked down and saw the wet spot on the bed. “Ready for round two” he whispered into my ear.

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