Naughty Lingerie Sex Turns up the Heat to a Shopping Spree

I recently started corresponding with a potential lover that just adores sending me hot and sexy lingerie.  Of course, it makes me hot and bothered every time I get a new package in the mail.  So far we’ve kept our relationship to the phone and face time. Every time I get off the phone I find myself pulsing with arousal for hours. And, then all that changed when we decided to meet.  Since he had been sending me hot panties so much we decided to meet at his favorite store, “Sexy Woman”.  Of course, we turned a first time meeting into naughty lingerie sex.

Walking into the “Sexy Woman” I couldn’t help feeling a little nervous.  Rick and I had been “chatting” for a couple of months now.  And, if I’m being completely honest quite a few of our calls have turned into some very hot and heavy pleasure for both of us.

Naughty Lingerie Sex is the New Gateway to Pleasure

I felt my pussy getting wet as I walked around the store.  I  was looking at a very sexy black panty and garter belt set when I heard his voice.  “Hi, Chanel.  You’re even hotter in person”, he whispered against my ear.  When I moved to turn he pushed his body against mine.  I gasped as his hand slid up my thigh.  “I can’t wait to see that set on that body”, his husky voice made my cunt quiver.

Hot Phone Sex is Closer than You Think

Rick’s hand reached out to grab my size.  And, then I turned around and we were face to face for the first time.  I smiled as Rick pushed his knee between my legs.  I looked around nervously even as I rolled my hips against his thigh.  Rick smiled as he pushed his knee up.  Looking into his eyes I dry humped his leg as he pushed his knee against my wet cunt.  My breath became labored as he walked away suddenly.

I watched Rick as he walked around the store picking up sexy clothes.  And, then he was standing next to the dressing room.  I smiled as he pulled the door open and motioned for me to step in.

Rick placed all the clothes on the hook.  Before I knew what was happening he pushed me back against the mirror.  As Rick’s tongue slid deep into my mouth I could feel his hands sliding my dress up.  His knee slid between my legs again.  My moans filled the space as my soaked panty covered pussy rode his leg.  Just as I began pumping my hips to bring myself to an orgasm Rick stepped back.

Rick directed me to try on the black lace bra and panty set first.  I slowly slid my dress down as Rick watched.  And, then I was naked and we were staring into each other’s eyes.  Rick’s eyes moved from mine and slid slowly down my body.  My erect nipples were proof I was enjoying it.

Erotic Sex Stories Are a Kingdom Specialty

I bent over to slide the panties on.  And, then I looked at Rick as I put the bra on.  Rick smiled and motioned for me to put the garter belt on.  When I was fully “dressed” I slid my feet into my black heels.

Rick told me to turn around so he could see everything.  As I turned completely around I saw that he had slid his zipper down.  As Rick began to pull his cock out I moved closer and dropped to my knees.  Smiling up at Rick I pulled his cock out.  As his cock slid down my throat I could feel my pussy pulse and then fill with even more of my love juice.  Of course, I knew this was just the beginning.

Are You Ready For More Pleasure?

Rick pulled my mouth off his cock.  And, then before I knew how it happened I was standing again.  He turned me and pushed me over the shelf that was meant for personal belongings.  I almost screamed as I felt his cock slide deep into my pulsing and wet cunt.  And, then something happened that really surprised me.

Rick slid his hand around my throat and cut off my air as he pumped his hot load deep.  He slid his hand down my belly to my swollen clit as he tightened his grip on my throat.  I felt faint with lack of air and arousal as he rolled his fingers over my flesh.  Naughty lingerie sex was turning out to more much more than I bargained for.

I felt my orgasm building as Rick again tightened his grip on my throat.  And, then I started to feel faint from lack of air.  I started to struggle against him and my hands frantically began pulling at his hand that was wrapped around my throat.   Just as my orgasm exploded in my body he moved his hand from my throat to my mouth to muffle the sound.  And, then my body slumped against the shelf as my body shook in the aftermath of one of the most intense orgasms of my life.

Someone knocked on the door just as we started revving up for round two.  Of course, we didn’t answer.  Let them wait.  And, then the knocking stopped as we heard a very snippy advise us to keep our voices down.   Naughty lingerie sex with my newest lover is turning out to be a favorite.

You Know You Want to Hear Round Two