Naughty Boy Fantasy.  The call actually starts in the deep desire inside of his fantasy before he picks up the phone. 

Do you have a naughty boy fantasy? Don’t we all?  Who am I? I’m the man standing next to you in the elevator with that sexy smile.  The neighbor that waves to you every morning as you leave for work.  I’m every man that ever had a fantasy of living out my deepest desires without the risk of ridicule.  I long to breathe life into my erotic self.  Mysterious and Sexy.  I’m the one that has a naughty boy fantasy of the perfect woman and the ideal call.

I work all day waiting impatiently until I can call her and dive into the erotic and sexy world of fantasy. The world that is “Chanel.”  As she answers the phone in her seductively husky voice, my body begins to tingle—the ringing echoes in my ears.  Suddenly a connection, “Hi, This is Chanel.”  The sound of her voice ripples through my body.  She is at the center of every naughty boy fantasy—my instantly hard cock twitches as I feel it filling with my cum.  I’m instantly transformed into the Master.

In a commanding voice, I demand that she immediately strip down and get on her knees at my feet. And, then, as she takes my cock deep into her luscious mouth, I feel my balls tighten.  Chanel is the perfect submissive in this naughty boy fantasy.  Wrapping my hands in her hair, I push deep and feel her gag milking my dick.

The right phone sex sites make all the difference to the Master of Chanel.

As I pull out, she knows exactly what to say to the Master to prolong my pleasure.  And, then, I  look down into her teary eyes and feel a rush of power ripple through my body.  She whimpers and begs me to be gentle.  Laughing with dark desire, I just pull her hair tighter and plunge my throbbing cock even deeper down her beautifully tight throat. I feel my balls slapping against her chin.

And, then, pulling out suddenly, I pull her up by her hair.  Staring into her eyes, I feel the Master in me gain more power. Of course, I can hear Chanel’s breath coming faster on the phone, and it’s so erotic and real.  I close my eyes in ecstasy, and suddenly I can see her in front of me and feel her lusciously soft body.  My naughty boy fantasy is now so real I can actually taste and feel Chanel.

Naughty Boy Fantasy Comes to Life on the Phone

Instructing her to bend over the mattress so that I can fuck her from behind my cock begins to swell bigger. Of course, Chanel husky voice quivers in anticipation as I grip her hips.  And, then, her breath fills my body with pleasure as I slam my hard cock into her wet cunt. Her screams of orgasmic pleasure fill every cell of my being as I release my load into her sweet ass.  With the help of a seductive voice on the phone and my own naughty and dark desires, I am… “The Master.”

And, then, as my naughty boy fantasy gains momentum, my cock begins to swell with my hot milk.  Of course, my balls have tightened and pulled up tight to throbbing and hard cock.  I can feel the hot cum in my begging to be released.  Of course, I want to let it out and explode deep in Chanel’s tight hole.  I’m so close.  And, then, it happens.  I feel that exploding rush of pleasure as her screams of pleasure fill my senses.  My hard rock cock releases a thick hot load of sticky cum.  And then I slowly pull out and flip her over.  The Master demands that she clean my dripping cock with her talented tongue and hot mouth.

Are You Ready Ready for Pleasure?

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