Welcum into the inner sanctum, gentlemen. What you are about to experience, you will never be able to explain to another man…even your closest allies will be at a loss to understand the beauty, the majesty, the desire of The Geisha.  I am a Geisha. I love to take control of a man sensually; to watch the terror in his eyes as he realizes his controls have been stripped from him, and I becum his world. In an instant it happens…and watching the bewilderment in his eyes…? Riveting! What could be more satisfying than the total mind-fucking of another? To perform a seduction that tastes his desires before they are spoken…Mmmmmmm.

Stay tuned.

The mysteries of the Geisha have been long protected and hidden away from traditional societies of the current millennia. NO public sex for us!  With paper-white skin, demur red-painted lips, glorious silk kimonos and elaborate jet-black hair, Japan’s geisha are one of the most iconic images associated with the “Land of the Rising Sun.” Who are we? What is the history of our unique profession?   Majesty, the desire of The Geisha.

The first geisha performers in recorded Japanese history are the saburuko, “those who serve,” who waited tables, made conversation, and sometimes sold sexual favors.   All Geisha are trained in the art of conversation and flirting.  Today, girls in Tokyo usually wait until they are 18 to begin their life of sensual servitude.  Popular with tourists and business-people alike, modern-day geisha provide services unimagined in any other place in the world.

A typical night of pleasure will begin with ryoutei, an elaborate multi-course meal; you are also entertained by the setting, the decor, the gardens, the table settings, etc. You will be entertained by geisha and other performers in a private room. Your geisha will enter the room, eyes downcast and she lowers herself to her knees, sitting back on her heels, hands atop the lower thigh in submission to the night’s master, for she is now his slave.

The geisha does not sit around worrying and waiting for a man to notice her. Men seek her out because she makes herself unique and she stands out over other women. Every day she focuses on developing herself to be the best woman she can be in the present. She practices each aspect of her craft with seriousness and awareness while making it appear effortless. The focus for the geisha is not the end result, but the journey itself. By being aware and her best in the present, the geisha naturally attracts men. To be in her presence is to have one of the most exclusive experiences a man can ever enjoy.

At the end of a divine meal and gentle service, I ask a lucky man back to the lair of the geisha. There I will slowly, lovingly undress you. Always looking away from your eyes, I speak to you in soft whispers and await your direction. I will slowly, methodically encircle your shaft with my perfectly painted lips and suck you to the depths of my throat’s abilities and I will drink…Drink heavily of your manhood.

You will be treated to the manly sensations taken for granted by modern men…the tactile sensations of being handled by a woman young enough to be your daughter, to a mature geisha known for her MILF looks and abilities…The relationships are limitless in the world of Geisha.

Sucking your cock will dominate my every thought while we are together. I scrub you from head to toe, wrap you in the finest of silk robes, then I will take your cock in every orifice I have, rendering my juices to you every time you ask. Ever tried edging? In my world, I will bring you to the edge of sanity only to toss you back into the depths of desire…You will be left little more than my cuckold slave. Once you fuck this tight young geisha pussy, worked in and out of my ass and watch me pleasure the other geisha at your command…Pussy licking is also a specialty of the geisha…You will want to put your cock anywhere you can.  You will sink that cock into the softest of wet pussies until you spill your seeds deep within me. And I will leave you wanting MORE.

Some day you should consider visiting me at my lair…There I will show you the slow sensual pleasures which can only cum from those trained in the ancient art of the geisha…Call me, let me give you my pleasures over the phone.  Don’t think I can make you feel it over the phone lines? I bet I can…Giggle



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