Blindfolding my eyes
I hear my Master’s voice
Across the room the sounds of his evil laugh
Knowing his slave’s desires
Delivering kisses of leather fire across my cheek
Smooth cold chains prison wrapped around my wrists
Suddenly feeling my Master’s hands cup my breast
Sharp nails scraping across my hard nippleThe suddenly the stinging bite of the clamps
Pain and aching feeding my subbie desires
His hard cock pressing between my thighs
Slithering up the length of my body lying his weight on top of me
I’m shackled by my submission filled with desire for my Master
Sliding his finger into my submissive cunt
The joy of feeling a part of my Master inside my pink lips
Making me move my hips off the bed
“What are you doing, bitch?” He whispered into my ear
“I didn’t give permission to enjoy this,” my Master hissed
Pulling his finger out my tight cunt leaving me aching for more
The taste of fear fills me as I feel the shaft of the crop
Slide up my leg and raise a stinging welt on my inner thigh
Once…twice…three times
Coming together again my Master powerfully thrusts back and forth
Banging his hips against my tingling welts
Stinging pleasures satisfying his bitch’s needs
Biting back my whimper trying to pull back the salty tears
Feeling my Master’s hands lift my chained body off the bed sliding me up and down his shaft
Whispering in my ear, “Mine, you’re all mine….such a sweet bitch”