My Nephew Learns the Joys of Incestuous Aunt/Nephew Play, and So Much More

My nephew Reid came for a sleepover a few weeks ago.  He loves coming over to Auntie Bridgette’s house – I’ve always been like a second mom to him.  This time, however, I knew there was something bothering him and I started to coax him to tell me about what was wrong.  Little did I know our little talk was going to end in a bit of family fun.  To be more precise, incestuous Aunt/nephew play.

After much prodding, he told me he had a crush on a girl at school and it made his peepee tingle when he thought about her.  I asked him to show me what he did when he felt like that. Although he was embarrassed, he eventually pulled down his pants and showed Auntie how he liked to play with his peepee.

He showed me how he liked to squeeze the head of it and that it tingled when he touched it.  I then got on my knees as I watched him squeeze and play with it. I looked up at him and told him I was going to teach him how to properly play with his now swollen penis.

After all, that’s what good aunties. Or should I say, what naughty aunties do when they enjoy a bit of incestuous aunt/nephew play

I asked him if that was something he wanted me to do. And I assured him that if it was something he did want, that it was all right. That what happens between us was just a bit of family fun. As I looked into his eyes, I waited until he nodded his head. With is quiet consent, I went ahead and wrapped my hand around his hard shaft and started to gently squeeze and stroke it.  Reid closed his eyes at my skillful touch and moaned for his Auntie to keep going.

Lost in the new and erotic sensations, my naughty nephew started to thrust his hips back and forth, pushing his cock in my hand. Suddenly, he cried out that there was stuff coming out of his peepee. I quickly slurped it up and told him what a naughty boy he was, even as he continued to rub and squeeze it. Shocked as to what happened, he whimpered a plea for me not to tell Mommy and Daddy.

Naturally, I promised that our little incestuous aunt/nephew play would stay between us

I pulled him into my arms and rocked him gently. I whispered to him that it was all right, and he shouldn’t be afraid or ashamed. That what happened was perfectly natural.  After a bit, his anxiety-ridden body started to relax, and he leaned against my warm, soft body. When he was calm, and I knew he felt safe in my arms, I told him that there was so much more his Auntie Bridgette could show and teach him. If he wanted to, of course. He looked at me curiously at first, but then he said softly, “I’d like that.”

I smiled at his soft acquiesce. I couldn’t wait to show him all the incestuous Aunt/nephew play I would teach him.

That’s when I picked him up and carried him into my bedroom. I slowly undressed in front of him, after placing him on my bed. His eyes grew large. I made note that he couldn’t take his eyes off my full, bare breasts. That was of course before I stepped out of my lacy panties.

I then crawled up onto the bed and leaned against the numerous pillows. I watched him watching me as I slowly spread my legs. He actually gasped and groaned when I slide two fingers between my glistening pussy lips.

Lesson number two was about to begin…

Well, I won’t go into details here, but needless to say, our incestuous aunt/nephew play was quite an eye-opener for my naughty little nephew. And he still continues to come over for sleepovers and to learn all about girls. After all, Auntie Bridgette loves incestuous sex games!

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