I touch myself when I am alone. I love sitting in a car out in a busy parking lot, watching people go by with my hands down between my legs. It is so hot to me and so naughty! I’ll sit there with the window cracked, smoking a joint – and then I get the urge. I start by running my fingertips over my panties..

I like feeling the silky panties against my soft plump pussy lips. I might gaze out of the window and see a guy walk by. I might imagine that he sees me slide my fingers into the side of my panties. Maybe he would get hard. Maybe I would tell him to come into the car and fuck me. Or I might just fuck myself.

I love to lick my fingers and then play with my clit. I then start to enter my pussy with two fingers. I move them first slow and then a little faster. I curve my finger deep inside to reach my sweet spot. I massage it as I keep my fingers moving, faster and harder. I keep it up till I am breathing harder and my head is spinning and the  spasms inside me get intense. My cum drips down my thigh and onto the car seat as I lay back and enjoy the rest of my joint.

You wanna hear me cum?

pink panties


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