So there is a girl on my team I have been thinking about. Whenever her and I do a two girl call together I can’t help but focus more on her breathing and moaning. She has that young voice, the kind that feels like sugar hitting your tongue.

I usually sit back in bed thinking about a guy sliding in and out of her. Waiting for him to make me do something nasty with her for him. My favorite…lick her pussy while he fucks her. I wanna taste that salty cock against her young pussy. See those soft equally natural tits bounce while a that massive cock splits her pussy wide open.

 I swear Bella is one of the hottest chicks. So exotic looking and lithe. I wonder if her skin is as soft as it looks.

My fingers would love to play on her skin and find their way home to her nipples. While I tug and tease and them with my mouth and tongue, I would burn a trail down her flat stomach and down into her hidden slit. I wanna find that wet button and feel her legs clench over my fingers as I work her into an orgasm. I wanna drop to the floor and taste her cum.

Bella has a pussy that is more like a work of art and needs to be watered constantly. Silly I know, but I don’t usually crave pussy. Calls with her just feel way too real and way too hot!

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