Hypnosis Fetish Goddess Goes Both Ways on an Erotic Call

Hypnosis has always fascinated me.  The thought that a person’s voice can control the actions of another has always secretly turned me on.  Of course, the idea of being a hypnosis fetish goddess got all my juices flowing whenever I thought about it. So when I got a call from a client asking to be hypnotized into to do my every bidding, I seized the opportunity and ran with it.  And in the process, a hypnosis fetish was born in a phone sex operator.

As I answered the phone with my customary greeting of hello and my name, I was met with silence.  And then a voice responded.  I want you to hypnotize me and take control of my cock.  Right away, my pussy responded to the request with a flood of delicious cream.  We spent the next few minutes going over the logistics of what exactly his desire was.  But ultimately, I would be in charge once I had him under my spell.

Cum for Your Mistress

I decided that for my client to surrender to my control truly, I had to dive into my fantasy of hypnotic seductress.  As I closed my eyes, I imagined standing over my client.  And, then, I looked down at him as I felt an inner purring begin in my throat. My purring throat created a hot pulsing sensation in my now wet cunt.  And, then, I found myself getting even more aroused at the thought of controlling my client and his cock.

“Take a couple of deep breaths,” my throaty whisper traveled into his body.  Telling him to find a focal point as he continued to take deep breaths, I found myself getting into it.  I then guided him into relaxing one body part at a time.  Of course, I knew the moment I had him entirely under my control.  I found myself getting even more aroused.  So as I continued, I slipped my hand into my panties and began stroking slowly up and down my clit.  And, then, as my voice took control of my client, my fingers slid easily in and out of my achingly wet cunt.

If not Hypnosis, then Perhaps Public Sex Stories?

“Your cock is mine.”  When he repeated it back to me, I smiled with naughty excitement.  I then began telling him exactly how to touch his cock.  As his breath began to quicken, I told him in a stern voice that he could only cum at my command.  “Yes, Mistress,” his quiet voice filled my hot cunt with even more juice.

My hips began to roll against my fingers as though they were his cock.  My seductive whisper told him to breathe deeply into his arousal for his mistress.  I could feel in my pussy the moment he was entirely under my control.  His hypnosis fetish goddess’ voice seduced him and his cock into a frenzy of arousal.  I chuckled in his ear when he began to beg me for erotic release.  By the time my seductive voice brought him to a full and loud orgasm, my screams of pleasure joined his.

Needless to say, he’s now a regular, and I find myself like a kid in a candy store.  Of course, when he calls, my voice brings him into my control with just one word.  And, then my pussy begins to pulse with arousal as I take more control.  Becoming his cock control goddess has turned into a very personal fantasy.  I find myself longing for more men to hypnotize with my voice. Want to be my next hypnosis sex slave?  Well, you know where and how to find me.

Mistress Chanel Wants Control of Your Cock

Are you willing?