My Hottest Fantasy Sex that will fill your bedtime with pleasure.

I’m excited to relaunch a blog series sharing what turns me on.  And, the best part is my hottest fantasy sex can be your biggest orgasm.  I’ll start each blog with a brief background of why it turns me on and then share every erotic detail.  I’ll share what turns me on so that you can get just as turned on.  And the best part?  I’ll also share a weekly audio recording of my hot, sultry voice reading it to you.

Just think about it.  You can lean back in your favorite chair or in bed.  Close your eyes.  Start stroking your cock as my voice fills your body with stories of what turns me on.  And the stories will run the gamut from BDSM to incest phone sex.   I’ll be right there with you as you bring pleasure and release to your achingly hard cock.  My hottest fantasy can be your biggest turn on.   And if you want more you can just listen again….and again….and again.

I’ve always loved that feeling of being taken by a lover.  There really isn’t anything quite like it.  To have a man be so overcome with his desire for me that he’s willing to do anything to get inside me.  So intoxicated with his desire that he gets rough and just a little dangerous.  And, don’t even get me started on how wet my pussy gets when I think about it being spanked.

The Hottest Fantasy Sex Makes you forget where you are

I struggled against the pulse after pulse of sensation tormenting my body, carrying me away when I really needed to be anchored.  Of course, he’s a bad boy.  Wrong in every way.  But my body turned into a liquid fire in his presence.  Body thrashing beneath him, unable to tamp down the fire racing through my body enough to breathe.  I couldn’t catch my breath, couldn’t think clearly.  Looking down at me he slowly wrapped his right hand around my throat.  And, then as he smiles down at me he began to tighten is hand.  My pussy fills with juice as my air is cut off.  I begin to choke and gasp.  He tightens once again.  And, then just as I feel myself getting faint he releases me.

“You have to stop”, I gasped even as my body began to gyrate in pleasure.  He rose above me, shoving my thighs apart to accommodate him, opening fully to him.  His cock was thick and heavy and intimidating, his eyes flint as he pressed into my slick cunt.  I could feel him there, stretching tight flesh, just waiting, when my entire body tensed, frustrated, pulsing and throbbing with need.  I had a mad desire to impale myself on him, but he held me still with his hands on my hips.  “Are you going to deny me what is truly mine again”, he screamed into my panting mouth.  Giving a small tormented cry as I shook my head.  Speaking became impossible.  My body on fire, fear flowing like through my veins like a rushing river at the thought of what was to come.

My Hottest Fantasy Sex Sometimes Turns me into an Anal Sex Slut

Thrusting hard, driving deep into me with one long stroke.  “It’s too much”, I gasped.  And, then he looked down at me with a look of raw hunger.  His mouth moved down to the warmth of my neck, tracing an erotic path lower to scrape his teeth over the tempting beat of my heart over my heaving breasts.  Sinking his teeth into my flesh as his cock rammed the soft flesh of my pussy.  His teeth in my flesh acted as direct current to the center of soaking wet cunt.  Of course, my scream filled the air as ripples of pleasure filled my quivering body.  As he collapsed on my body I could feel our combined juices dripping down my thighs.  And, then I couldn’t help smiling as I started thinking about the next time. And, the next, And, the next, And, the next…

My Hottest Fantasy Gets me off by being Rough

Are you Ready to be My Hottest Fantasy?