Hot Solo Sex: How to Have Sex When the Only One Around is You…

Hot Solo sex with yourself is a fine art.  I absolutely love sex…and men…and women….and men and women together.  But there is a part of me that is so erotic and sexy when I’m all alone.  Fantasy is one of the core components of good sex life.  I believe it’s healthy for lovers to share their darkest desire with each other.  And I believe there are times that the only one good enough for the job at hand is me.

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Sometimes I get excited at the prospect of spending an evening alone.  After all, hot solo sex really gets me off.   I’ll take a nice hot bath and sit there until the water gets cold.  While I’m in the bath I’ll find some of my most naughty erotica books.  My breathing will get shallow as I read how the main character is getting fucked hard by the real bad boy. You know the kind I mean.  The guy that everyone knows is the worst but the main character just can’t seem to stay away.   In the midst of that, my own fantasy is born.  Some of my favorite fantasies are BDSM sex stories.

Walking around my house with a still damp body in my sexiest pink robe.  Of course, lighting candles in my room I sit on side of the bed and begin to imagine I have a lover with me.   Rubbing lotion on my hands and feet I close my eyes as I drop my robe.  Lying back on the soft mattress I hear the music playing as I start to run my hands around my breasts.  Moaning as I run my fingers back and forth over my nipple I bite my lip.  And, then the music becomes another lover of sorts.  I feel the notes sink into my body like an old lover that knows exactly what turns me on.  As the beat of the sexy song moves so does my body.  Of course, the dance between my body and the music builds me up like foreplay.

Hot Solo Sex Guarantees Your Pleasure

With one hand lightly pinching a nipple the other slides down my belly to my already wet pussy.  I begin to imagine that the bad boy from the story is with me.  And, it’s his hand instead of mine that is finger fucking my achingly wet cunt.   Spreading my legs as I bend my knees I use two fingers on my clit.  Rolling the bud between my fingers I start to feel the clench of arousal begin.  My breath starts to quicken as I scissor my clit between those two fingers.  The combination of my fantasy bad boy and my hot solo sex create magic in my pussy.   With my hips beginning to roll around I feel the tightening of a really big orgasm.

Are You Ready for Pleasure?

And, then my fantasy lover gets really freaky.  He decides to turn me over and start rubbing his hard cock between my ass cheeks.  I feel the slide of hard flesh starts to push against my tight ass.  My gasp of surprised pleasure gets lost in the sounds of my ass getting pounded deep and hard by that fantasy cock.  I turn my head and glance in the mirror across from my bed.  My mouth opens wide in a loud gasp as I watch myself slamming a large dildo in and out of my ass.  I had gotten so caught up in the lover fantasy that I’d almost forgot the truth.  The very hard and sexy truth of hot solo sex.

As I scream in the pleasure brought to me through fantasy and self-loving I smile as I move my fingers to begin the next wave.  The next wave begins and promises to bring even greater pleasure than the first.  And, I’m just along for the ride waiting for a partner bold enough to join me.  Perhaps that someone is you.

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