Hot Cuckold Sex -Wedding Day to Remember

Hot Cuckold sex is the best when it’s all in the family.  My wedding day was one of the best days of my life.  But not for the reason that you might think.  I had met everyone in Brad’s family except for his jet-setting older brother.  Meeting Travis left quite an impression on me.  As we stared into each other’s eyes a current of mutual attractions was obvious. Leaning down to kiss my cheek my pussy clenched and became instantly soaked.

Dancing with Travis had my body shaking with desire.  Leaning closer to me he whispered in my ear, “Meet me outside”.  As I nodded my consent I couldn’t help thinking that this must be a record in cuckolding.  Of course, walking outside I felt a ripple of excitement at how darkly taboo and erotic it was to consider fucking my husband’s brother on my wedding day.  Of course, sometimes hot cuckold sex is like that at times.

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I gasped as I felt a hand grab mine and pull me into the darkened corner of the patio. Threading my fingers through thick, silky hair I pulled his mouth down to mine.  His mouth and tongue bypassed all slow, coaxing preliminaries and went straight for hot and devouring.  Tongues tangled with unadulterated sensuality. And then I reached down and felt his huge cock with my hand. Shivering, unable to stop the slow, sultry ache spreading through my belly, or the slick moisture settling between my thighs.

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His unmistakably hard cock pressed against my wide spread legs as he lifted me up to the hard patio railing.  But I barely felt the hardness as I looked down at his now open zipper.  Pushing my panties aside he pushed his impressive length into my soaking cunt.  Pumping deep inside me in a grinding, full-bodied rhythm.

Is Hot Cuckold Sex Your Secret Fantasy?

Shuddering in the release I pulled him closer. And, then I felt the hot rush of his liquid fire fill me and start to drip down my shaking thighs even as I felt the rush of another orgasm.  Feeling his hands gripping my ass hard I opened my eyes to see Brad over Travis’ shoulder sitting in a patio chair with his hard cock pulled out of his tuxedo pants.  Meeting my new husband’s eyes with his brother’s cock still in my pulsing pussy I couldn’t quite believe my own eyes.  And then he winked at me.  I watched as he smiled and stroked his shaft while watching his new wife making him an instant cuckold.  But then I didn’t have any more time to think about it as I felt Travis growing hard again in my wet and willing pussy. Hot cuckold sex is the best wedding present.

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