Hookup on the Down-low?…If you cold do it and get away with it…would you engage in the sexy down-low hookup?  Some might say that a man can be too sexy for his and possibly YOUR own good.  Hmmmm.  Maybe.  But, let’s tilt the screen a bit and view it thusly…I’m dating a guy who is fine as wine and built for speed as well as pleazure. You know, tall, blue eyes that stare right THROUGH YOU…and abs that lead into a glorious piece of man-meat!  Yup.  Your basic nightmare, right?  Hahaha.  Not so much for me.  In me, I believe he’s found the perfect accomplice!  We always find the best hookups.  I just LOVE IT IN THE DEEP! Don’t you?

Well, imagine my chagrin when I arrived home early from work to the sounds of Kenny G in the background and a low moaning that shouldn’t have been emanating from my room!  And since curiosity killed the cat, but not ME…I followed the sounds…half turned on, half what the hell?  I didn’t even need to push the bedroom door open.  It stood 1/4 of the way cracked and I couldn’t see better with binoculars!  There was my man..in MY BED…with my best friend…JEFF!

So, like I said, when I heard the low moans, I started to glistened…there. And what now played out before me just made me wetter.  And the funny thing was, I wasn’t sure if I was getting more wet from the betrayal, or the vision of him sucking that BBC and giving him the best blow job I’d seen in a LONG time…outside of ME doing it. LOL.  So, my mind raced…my man, was clearly bi-sexual and I held no issue with that.  Hey!  I’m the FIRST to state…if it feels good and you were blindfolded, would you KNOW whether it was a man, or woman’s tongue.  So, I’m good with the players…and the game.  I was just ill-prepared.

One would think that doing phone sex for a living, I’d have seen and TALKED about it all.  And you’d be pretty much correct.  And like I said…ill-prepared.  But, just because I’m not prepped for a sitch doesn’t mean I’m abut to drown in the deep I love so much!  Hell no!  I marched my happy ass right into the thick of things and joined my lover…and his new(er) lover.  And together we sucked the day and night away. Now, their down-low hookup doesn’t need to be hidden anymore.

Can I tell you how hot it is to watch them kiss? Neither, legitimately gay, but FULLY BI.  And I love them both…One is usually cuck to the other when I’m around…Love, love, love watching him suck my cum off the other’s cock…then the three of us entwined in a seductive kiss.  Best yet?  BOTH love to know that I out them as often as I can here…I know you’d like to hear more, right??? Well, if you think he is the first to go bi on me, you’re wrong. I’ve had some that I forced to go bi.  We’ve given more double blow jobs than I can remember and the pics I have of him sucking cock just like I taught him…priceless!

I’ll never run out of things to talk about.  My life…as with my sex stories, is legendary.  Are you the ONLY one who doesn’t know? Giggle.  Sounds like you’re in for a sound talking to young man!  Call me.



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