G-Spot Sex Stories That Will Have Her Begging for More


G-Spot sex stories that will not only give you pleasure but teach you how to be a better lover.  Some don’t actually believe the G-Spot exists.  But for those of us lucky enough to experience the gush of ejaculation there is little doubt.  The first time my spot got activated I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  But I also thought that I may have urinated so be aware that it can be disconcerting. There are actually 5 positions that are the best sex positions that almost guarantee the success of hitting that spot. With a little practice, you’ll get her begging you for more and more.

You know you love this first one.  You lay back, then she lowers herself onto your achingly hard flesh.  She’s in the driver’s seat so you can just cum along for the ride.  She leans back with you deep inside her pussy.  This move makes your cock rub against the front wall of her cunt. After a little hip action, she will be gushing all over you.  Of course, this is a position that adds some real spice to g-spot sex stories.

If you’re a cowboys fan you will love this reverse position.  Your partner stays on top but she is facing away from you.  One of the best parts of this one is you get an awesome few of her hot ass pumping and grinding on your cock.  Instead of leaning back, she leans forward, which allows her front wall to get stimulated by your hard flesh.

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Of course, you know love having her get on all fours and get down and dirty doggie style.  And the best part about this one is foolproof, simple and quite successful.  She bends over, and you grab her hips.  Then you gently enter her very wet pussy from behind.  This one allows you to go deep, with direct G-spot stimulation.   If you want some extra fun, whisper in her ear, “rub that clit baby.”  Be mindful though, shallow thrusting is best to make that spot gush.  Of course, a gusher is an awesome way to add to g-spot sex stories.

So most of us start with missionary position.  And technically it doesn’t do much for the G-spot.  But it can easily be modified to make her world explode.  Slide a pillow or two underneath her sweet ass, and hold her legs straight up.  Then slowly enter her cunt, and put her feet flat on your chest.  And if you really want to add some spice take it outside. Erotic Sex Storiesmight just add the spark you need for an inferno.

Last but certainly not least is spooning.  Lie on your sides, with you behind her.  Hold her top leg up, and enter that hot pussy from behind.  Wrap your arms around her, and slowly to orgasm.  The head of your cock will be in perfect alignment for direct contact with her special spot. So, lover expect her to orgasm quickly and often. You will be the star of your very own g-spot sex story.

There you have it lover, the absolute best of G-Spot stimulation.  Try it tonight, and she will be very pleased.  And then you can have your very own g-spot sex stories to fantasize over.  Call the goddess of sex now for the pleasure you deserve.

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