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Let’s face it you and I both know that phonesex kingdom is a leader in the pleasure industry.  We have some of the hottest and most diverse pleasure givers out there.  Well, guess what?  Our team leaders have made a series of awesome videos of all your favorite women.  That’s right, you get to see in action that hot voice that gets your juices flowing every week.   Free sex is just a touch away.

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When you vote for The Kinky Crew you are automatically entered to win a Free 20-minute call with a Kinky Crew girl of your choice.  The crew has it all in the realms of phone pleasure.  Adriana is that sweet young latina that sounds so innocent but dives into age play that knocks more than your socks off.  Alyssa gives you the Girl Friend Experience of a lifetime.  Kali is so hot with a voice so smooth you will feel the sizzle.  Crystal and Jordan bring naughty to new levels.  Our leader Alyson will dominate more than your thoughts.  Gracie is that little girl that you dream of giving her your hardest candy.  Ryan and Simone will have you at their feet worshipping.  Our newest girl Bettie will bring you to the edge.  And of course, your tantra Goddess Chanel will teach you all the tricks to please your next lover.


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