Forced Sex Fantasy is the Reward for a Hot Tease

I took a house sitting job for the summer in the big city before starting my first nursing job after college. Living in NYC had been a dream of mine since I was little.  So when the opportunity came up to live rent-free for the summer, I jumped on it.  When I arrived, the doorman helped me bring my luggage up.  He was a bit older, and I could tell he was looking at my tits.  I found myself teasing him big time.  Of course, he was way too old and not hot enough for me, but I’m a big cock tease.  Although I did sort of like his British accent.  Little did I know this would be the first chapter in forced sex fantasy for this hot young tease.

I was once again settling into a long night of TV watching and getting myself off before dozing off on the couch.    I was falling asleep on the big blue comfy sofa in the living room when I heard a knock at the door.  At first, I was a little nervous because usually, the doorman buzzed me if someone was coming up.   I pressed my hot quivering body against the door and then jumped when there was another knock hard knock at the door.  I asked who was there with a firm yet shaky voice.  Relief rushed through my body when I heard the familiar voice of the doorman from earlier.  He said I had he had a delivery for me from the owners of the apartment.  Little did I know that a forced sex fantasy was on the menu for the evening.

A Nurse Gets off in a Real-Life Forced Sex Fantasy

Although I couldn’t imagine what the owners would have sent me, I opened the door. I gasped when a hand wrapped around my throat and pushed me back.  Not only was the doorman from earlier there, but he had brought friends.  They all crowded the small foyer.  “You’re going to learn that I don’t take well to teasing,” his husky voice whispered.  Before I knew how it happened, he pushed me down to my knees.  As he slammed his cock down, my throat, tears filled my eyes.  His friends were groping my tits.  And another pushed his hand down my silk teddy panties to plunge into my dry cunt.

Fetish Phone Sex is Closer than You Think

It was dark in the foyer as I was face fucked by the doorman.  I was in my skimpiest red teddy, and my nipples were painfully hard from the rough handling of eager fingers.   Suddenly his cock was out of my mouth.   I looked up into his dark brown eyes and said, “Why are you doing this?”   He didn’t say anything as he dragged me into the nearby bedroom and pushed my hot body face down on the bed. As he pushed his hard body against mine, I could feel my dripping wet pussy tighten painfully as he slammed his body between my legs, lifting me up as he said, “This is what happens when little girls tease big boys?”

I screamed as his cock slammed deep into my pussy.  Rough hands ripped the rest of my clothes off.  His cock pulled out, and then I was on my back.  Another cock pushed into me as a cock slid down my throat.  Suddenly I realized I was soaking wet with arousal.  My hips began pushing back even as my mouth now devoured the next cock. As I felt cum pouring into me from both ends, I moaned as my own explosive orgasm rippled through me.  And then I was up on all fours.  I found myself kneeling in front of a big black man.

Chanel is your Girl for Gang Bangs

As I knelt in front of him, I got a jolt of fear at the sheer size of his hot hard cock then took it in my mouth all the way down to the base.  I could feel it filling my throat, and it felt fucking amazing as I gazed up to look into his eyes.

He just pushed it all the way down my throat as I gagged a little, but didn’t let him take an inch out of my mouth. I started to tighten my tongue around it pulling it in, then I let him take some of it out, then I took it back deep in the mouth. This went on for a while until I could feel rumblings in his cock, his balls were tightening up, and he came with a deep groan and a lion’s roar.  He shot his hot, white cum into my mouth. It came running out of my mouth. It ran all over my lips, chin, and neck; it felt so thick and smelled musky and amazing.

Forced Sex Fantasy is Your Gateway to Pleasure

I slowly crawled up his body with his cum dripping off my chin.  As I stood, he picked me up quickly and slammed me down hard on the bed.   I was thrashing my ass off the bed, legs opening wide as I could get them, moaning, “oh more please.” Cumming hard over and over.

I reached for his cock, fuck it was hard again.  He pushed hard into my awaiting pussy.   I took all of him in my wet, sloppy pussy, and he drove it all the way home.  Shit, it was big, even with all our juices lubricating my pussy it was still a tight fit. The muscles in my hot hole were squeezing his cock the entire time; then I could feel my pussy lips were telling me I was about to cum and cum.  It was going to be a long night.

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