There is something so sexy about a first-time cuckold sex story.  This one starts as I walk into my boyfriend’s townhouse to surprise him and I ended up being the one that got surprised.  It was a Friday night, I knew my boyfriend would be working late. It was his birthday and I wanted to cook a romantic dinner for when he got off.  Since his kitchen was much smaller than mine, I cooked the dinner at my house and brought it over to his place. He has been such a good boyfriend, spoiling me and giving me everything I want. I can not say that I have always the best girlfriend to him. There have been times that other guys have piqued my interest, but he knows he is my man.  So today is his special day and I wanted to show him some appreciation on his birthday.  

I arrived at his home!

Parking my truck in front of his closed garage, I got out and let myself in with my key to his townhouse.   I walked in, it was quiet so I assumed that I was there alone. I walked back to the truck to retrieve the bags I bought for dinner along with my overnight bag.  After setting everything up in the kitchen for dinner, I headed upstairs to get a shower. I  wanted to relax before he arrived home for work. About halfway up the stairway, I thought I heard a sound.   I paused, not even breathing to be sure that I really heard something or someone. There it was again, it sounded like a moan. Taking off my heels, I slowly tiptoed up the stairs towards the sound.  So here I was, standing outside of my boyfriend’s bedroom door where I hear confirmed male moaning.  

I flung the bedroom door open!

Honestly,  I expected to find him grinding his cock inside of some whore.  However, to my surprise, my man was laying on his back with his finger buried in his ass watching BBC Cuckold porn.  He was startled, jumping up pulling his wet fingers from his ass. I watched him as he fumbled around on the bed trying to find the remote to turn off the embarrassing BBC cuckold porn that was playing on the 65” TV screen. My eyes fixed on the remote and I yanked it off the bed. He sat on his knee, looking helplessly up at me.

There were so many emotions running through me at once.  I was shocked because I had no clue, he never lead on. Pissed, because I turned down another date with bigger and better cock. However, I was mostly turned on. I looked down at him smirking and said, “So, this is what my little faggot boyfriend wishes for his birthday?”  He shook his head no and began to try to speak. Putting my finger on his mouth and told him to shut up.

I did not know what to think!

So many thoughts were running through my head, I ordered him to sit on the bed while I figured things out.  There was so much I wanted to know. I wanted to know, had he taken cock before? Was he a cock sucker?   I kept the BBC cuckold porn playing while I drilled him. He confirmed that he has never been with a guy before.   He knew that I had been cheating on him and it turned him on thinking about me getting fucked.

I sat on the edge of the bed and began to thumb through my phone.  I had an idea and decided to call the BBC that I turned down to cook dinner for my little faggot boyfriend. It was actually kind of fun making him listen to me tell my big black cock bull all about your cuckold fantasy.  The humiliation phone sex call had my boyfriend’s mediocre cock hard, as I readjusted my plans for the night.  It was time to give him a first-time cucked experience you would never forget.

First-time cuckold sex for my boyfriend.  

After sharing the entire story with him, I invited him over to give my boyfriend the first time cuckold sex he has been craving.  I made my boyfriend dress up in my panties and wait for that thick big black cock. When he walked in, I grabbed my boyfriend by the hair and dragged him over to our new date for tonight.  Taking that monster cock out, I asked him, “You want to watch this big black dick go in my tight wet pussy, don’t you?” Gulping hard he shook his head yes. Grabbing his head I said, “Then suck it and get it hard for me.”  I bet you want to hear all about the naughty details of my boyfriend’s first-time cuckold sex story. Well, I can not wait to tell you.  

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