How to have a fantasy phone lover and feel the lasting pleasure long after the call.

How to have a fantasy phone lover seems as simple as dialing the phone.  You dial, and she picks up, and pleasure is your reward.  But I’ll let you in on a little secret-It’s not as simple as that.  At least not if you want to get the most you possibly can for your time and money.

Being a phone sex operator has honestly become a job that I’ve very quickly learned to love truly.  The variety of calls keeps it exciting and fresh.  And,  the more I do it, the more it lands in me the reason I chose to dive into this work.  Pleasure.  The giving and receiving of pleasure are sacred in my book.  I love giving pleasure.  And, in the process of giving pleasure, I get the same in return.  I’ve come up with a couple of tips for you as a caller that will increase and enhance your pleasure.  Not only in our call but I hope after.

Adult Chat with Chanel can keep you cumming back for MORE…

Okay…So you’re looking at the PSK website, and of course, you’re blown away the level of talent and beauty your seeing.  After careful consideration, you pick the perfect woman for your pleasure needs at that moment.  You get your favorite Pleasure Receptionist(My name for phone sex operator because after all, it’s what we do”).  Of course, Chanel answers your call.

There seem to be two basic types of callers in phone sex.  The ones that desire to listen to my voice only without talking or making much noise at all.  And, then there are the calls that the client is quite vocal—both in words and sounds of pleasure. Honestly, the bottom line as the caller it’s your choice how much you want to talk during a call.

Your Fantasy Phone Lover Brings you Hot Sex Stories

“Hi, This is Chanel”…Hearing my voice fills you with excitement.  And, then, as you tell me your desires, I’m already getting excited at the thought of diving into the erotic exchange between operator and caller.  Keep in mind that the more the energy that flows between us can only make for a hotter and sexier call.

We’ve set up the call, and you’ve told me you’d like me like guided masturbation.  “Close your eyes, and start lightly stroking your cock. Move your hand down to your balls that are just beginning to tighten.  Cup, your balls for a few seconds, then slide your hand up the shaft of your growing cock”, my voice pours into your body like molten lava.  Your moans of pleasure and your breath adds fuel to my desire to give you the most pleasure.

Of course, you can also decide to do a hot and sexy role play.  Maybe I’m the naughty secretary that you’ve been dying to bend over the desk.  Your fantasy phone lover can agree or resist.  You decide that part, and I follow down the path of pleasure.  My moans of pleasure fill your ear as we dive deeper into your darkest desires.

Fantasy Phone Lovers Are Your Gateway to Pleasure

And, then, we move together into that fantasy.  My voice pours into your body as I bend over the desk.  Of course, I don’t want to lose my job.  Moans of pleasure fill the room as you rip my panties off.  I scream as your cock slides into my tight cunt from behind.  And, then, we both lose ourselves in the fantasy as our orgasms explode in unison.

The more feedback I get from a caller can only enhance my ability to fulfill your every desire in a call.  Phone sex is all about diving into the depths of your desire together.  Of course, feedback is not only important; it is vital to an operator.  It’s all about creating a space that can access the fullness of your stated fantasy.  After all, erotic fantasy is the goal and the destination.

What kind of Fantasy Phone Lover gets your juices flowing

Monologue of Chanel’s Liquid Sex Voice

or a Hot Duet of an Erotic Harmony of You and ME…