Erotic Oral Pleasure-Learning to Receive Makes for a Better Giver

I’ve always been a very sexual being.  From a very early age, I felt erotic energy moving through my very young and tight pussy.  My sexual history included hot and sexy stories that I whispered to girlfriends in secret.  But all of those early stories were about giving erotic oral pleasure.  Giving head or being a blow job queen was my only thought when it came to oral sex in the beginning.  The thought of letting a man put his face right into my pussy somehow felt too intimate and scary. And then it all changed.

Frank and I had been lovers for about three months.  The beginnings of our sexual relationship included me on my knees, worshiping his cock.  I truly loved the power and pleasure I got from having my hand wrapped around Frank’s cock as my mouth swallowed him.  And the rush of pleasure that filled my body as my throat gagged in response was mind-blowing for me.  But when Frank would move to trade places to give me erotic oral pleasure, I always avoided it by begging to be fucked hard.  And of course, Frank was so aroused he certainly didn’t argue.  Then he’d fuck me till we were both moaning and screaming in pleasure.  The fact that he was ten years younger made it a hot milf sex story.

Let Chanel be Phone Sex Central for Your Pleasure

Then one night, that all changed.  I was working late. Frank told me he wanted to make me dinner.  Knocking on his door, I was excited to see him.  As he opened the door of the room behind him was glowing with candlelight.  Pulling me forward, he wrapped his hand around my neck as he kissed me deeply in excited greeting.  Dropping my purse, I gasped as he pushed me against the closed door. Shoving his hard cock against me, he plunged his tongue deep into my mouth.   As our tongues tangled in erotic dance, I could feel my hot cunt filling with liquid.  Grabbing my hand, he led me into the kitchen.  The room glowed with all the candles scattered around the room. Pointing me to the table, he said, chuckled as he said, “I have a surprise for you.”

There were no plates, only a soft plaid blanket, and a pillow.  Looking up into his eyes with confusion, he smiled and said, “Your hot pussy going to be my feast tonight.”  Now, this is definitely the way to get my first taste of receiving erotic oral pleasure.

The Kinky Crew is the Place for Pussy Worship

 As my head hit the pillow, I felt him spreading my thighs open.  With my thighs draped over his arms, I felt his fingers spreading my lips open.  As my hand automatically went to cover myself, he pushed it away without saying a word.  His tongue felt cool on my clit, and I gasped and looked down at him.  Frank picked up a cup that was on the table. The cup had steaming liquid in it.  As he took a deep swallow, I tried to get up.  Frank pushed me back down. Of course, I gasped at how hot Frank’s tongue felt on my pussy. The erotic oral pleasure was even more erotic with a piping hot tongue. His warm tongue made my cunt begin to fill with my own hot juice.

Frank spent the next hour worshipping at the altar of my pussy till it was soaking wet.  My screams and moans filled the air as Frank licked and sucked my sweet nectar-like a bee searching for pollen.  From that moment on, I was a willing pussy church for Frank to worship anytime he desired.  And, the truly amazing thing about learning to receive erotic oral pleasure?  It taught me how to give erotic oral pleasure more with more enthusiasm as well.  Which, of course, Frank absolutely loved.

Erotic Oral Pleasure is Just One Call Away

When I had caught my breath, I looked into Frank’s eyes and smiled a very naughty smile.  I flipped over, so I was on top.  And then I slid down so that I was kneeling between Frank’s legs.  Of course, his cock was rock hard.  Frank smiled up into my face as I leaned down and ran my tongue across the head.

Of course, Frank’s groan filled the room as I slip my mouth down to the base of his shaft.  I could feel the tip of his cock pulsing deep in my throat.  And, then, my gag reflex activated and began milking his cock.  Frank’s hands clenched in my hair as his hip began pumping against my mouth.  And, then, moans of pleasure filled the space as I squeezed Frank’s balls as I began swallowing his cum.  As I sat up, I smiled down at Frank.  And then Frank gasped as he saw that I hadn’t wasted one drop.