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Dirty stranger sex is a personal favorite of mine.  Coming home from a long day of home care nursing, I saw a note on my door.  Moving into the house, I opened the note.  Smiling as I read the note from my new neighbor.  “I’m your new neighbor Clint.  I signed for a package of yours.  Give me a call when your home, and I’ll walk it over.  Looking forward to formally meeting the woman that goes with the package.  Blushing, I remembered that I had ordered a new vibrator.  Maybe if I played my cards right, my new package and my neighbor would add to my dirty sex stories.

I got dressed in my sexiest lingerie and made the call that I was home.  While I waited for him, I could feel my pussy getting wet.   I was ready to thank him in Chanel style.  And the thought of a hot new neighbor erotic sex story felt so naughty and fun.  And, if I got some dirty stranger sex, all the better.

I quickly unlocked the door and stepped back as Clint stepped into the small foyer with a small package.    He wore a tight T-shirt. Over his strong, muscular body.  Oh….did I forget to mention that Clint is hot?  Six feet, four inches of pure sex.

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Before I even knew how we were kissing, I moved towards my bedroom and got down and dirty.   Smiling, I leaned back in his arms.  We lost the “package” somewhere along the way.  Hot sex stories are like that sometimes.

I took his hand, placing it near my pussy. He looked down at me with a smile and pushed his hand into my red thong. I took his hands, lead him into his bedroom. I started to undress him and quickly realized he didn’t wear any underwear.  As I knelt in front of him, I got a jolt of fear. He was enormous.

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I could feel it filling my throat.  And it felt fucking amazing as I gazed up to look into his eyes. He just pushed it all the way down my throat as I gagged a little. But didn’t let him take an inch out of my mouth. I started to tighten my tongue around it pulling it in, then I let him take some of it out, then I took it back deep in the mouth. This went on for a while until I could feel rumblings in his cock, his balls were tightening up, and he came with a deep groan and a lion’s roar.  He shot his hot, white cum into my mouth. And then it came running out of my mouth; it ran all over my lips, chin, and neck; it felt so thick and smelled musky and amazing.

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I slowly crawled up his body with his cum dripping off my chin.  And then, as I stood, he picked me up easily and slammed down hard on the bed.  He took off my red teddy, making sure to rub the material against my erect throbbing nipples as he did so.  Clint spread my legs, went down to my now dripping hot hole, stuck his tongue into it, and sucked on my hard engorged clit.  I was thrashing my ass off the bed, legs opening wide as I could get them, moaning, “oh yeah,” use that tongue, oh your baby doll cumming hard. When he sat up, it was all over his face and chin.

I reached for his cock, fuck it was hard again.  Of course, he pushed hard into my awaiting pussy, he slid it in just fine, I took all of him into my wet pussy, and he drove it all the way home.  Shit, it was big; even with all our juices lubricating my pussy it was still a tight fit. The muscles in my hot hole were squeezing his cock the entire time; then I could feel my pussy lips were telling me I was about to cum and cum BIG.  Dirty stranger sex with Clint was exactly what I needed.

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I started to move my body under his even as I was biting his arms, neck, and anything I could get my teeth on, then he did it; he placed his finger on my clit, which brought me over the top.  Starting to scream his name.  I was cumming, pumping it out of my cunt, all over his hairy cock.  And then he smiled as he lay down beside me and pulled me close as we both fell asleep in sweaty, cum filled exhaustion. Of course, that’s only one of my favorite dirty sex stories!