December Romance…It’s important to note, that there is a different perspective from BOTH sides of this romance because a romantic connection will be different for two parties.  What’s most important is that BOTH people have that special connection, right?  But, there also HAS TO be a very tenuous balance.  For me, there is the eXXXcitement of the older, sexy, mature man.  But, for him, I’m SURE some of it is reclaiming youth…even for the men, I like who NEVER lose their youthfulness!

And, MY TYPE is never the same…on the outside, at least!  They can LOOK as different as I FEEL!  You know what they say…”Sometimes you feel like a nut…”  Tall, short, dark light, heavy or thinner. I have to have a few things in common with all of them.  What’s that?  Intellect.   I just LOVE a man with a sharp brain!  So, I love one who is titillated by EVERYTHING around him.

My ideal man is relaxed and easy-going; he’s sure of himself and where he stands with me; and, he’s quick to let things go.  It’s probably the sexiest thing he can do for me, in addition to being sexy within.  That has NOTHING to do with the exterior.  My man walks like the KING he is!  There is no doubt, no fear and certainly NO HOLDING BACK.  He’s got lots to teach and, EVEN MORE…the learn! LOL.

A December romance offers a few challenges, but none that can’t be overCUM.  So, the next time you’re looking over that tasty little muffin at the local coffee shop, don’t be so quick to ASSume you don’t have a chance.  Truth is, she’s probably eyeing YOU too!  So, make that move!

It’s NOT uncommon to Yearn For An Older Man!


You CRAVE ME Too! Don’t You?