I love spending time after school with me daddy. There’s nothing better than crawling into his lap and wiggling my cute little bottom around. Something hard always pokes against my bottom….but Daddy always tells me to ignore…well he used to up until last weekend!

Daddy finally decided it was time for me to learn how to be his special girl, how to be a proper princess. Mommy is the queen in the house but Daddy always tells me how much he loves his little princess more. I was watching t.v. when mommy came in and turned it off.

“It’s time to learn how to make Daddy super happy” Mommy told me. Daddy came into the room and Mommy showed me how to unbuckle his belt. His big ole dong came out, I couldn’t believe the size of it!

“Watch mommy sweetie and then it’ll be your turn” She told me. My little pink kitty felt tingly¬†and wet while I watched mommy take that big monster in her mouth. Slowly every single inch slid right down her throat! I watched mommy choke tears filling her eyes while daddy grabbed the back of her face pounding it.

Mommy managed to get herself free and slid back coughing slightly. “Now it’s your turn baby girl” She cooed.

I was nervous but still I moved forward “Go on Princess, Just like mommy showed you” Daddy coaxed.

The rest is a secret for now ūüėČ Cum let me practice Daddy! Maybe Mommy will join in again this time?

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