Cum Eating Fetish-A New Fetish that Has me Begging for More

Several years ago, I had an intense relationship with a lover that pushed my edges in so many ways.  I credit him with opening the real kinkster in me.  One weekend, in particular, comes to mind that was a game-changer.  Brian and I would sporadically get together for intense sex.  And then we would go weeks without seeing or talking to each other.  Both of us had reasons that we were not able to host our hot sex sessions.  So we would spend a day or two in a hotel suite doing all sorts of naughty things to each other.  Well, one Saturday afternoon, he opened the door to the idea of cum eating.  But in a way that got my body shuddering at the thought. Of course, it turned into a  full-blown cum eating fetish.

Getting a call from Brian was always a little thrilling.  Sometimes months would go by, and then I’d pick up the phone.  “Hey Lover, feel like getting ravished for the weekend?”, Brians husky voice filled my pussy with juice.  Driving to the Sheraton, I’d squirm a little in the car in hot arousal.  Meeting in the parking lot was so sexy and a tad taboo.  I no sooner got out of my car when Brian’s big body pushed me up against his in a hot and wet kiss.  Tongues were tangling in a mixture of long-missing each other and steamy anticipation.  And, then, that would be followed with three days of raw and naughty sex.  Brian knew his way around a woman’s pussy.  He taught me a few things.

Cum on Over for Hot Phone Sex

Walking into the suite ahead of him, I feel him push me over the couch.  Pushing my skirt up and my panties down in one motion, his cock slides into my dripping cunt.  The next few hours are filled with hot and steamy fucking in every corner of the room.  Lying on the floor in a tangle of sweaty and satisfied bodies, he turns to me with a smile.  His smile looks extra naughty as he says, “I want you to drink my cum.”  Responding with, Don’t I always?”  He shakes his head as he stands and walks over the bar.  Picking up a shot glass, he smiles and begins to slowly stroke his soft cock.  I felt almost drugged with arousal.  Watching a lover stroke, his cock always turned me.  There was just something about the rawness of a man stroking exactly he knows feels best.

Sitting up slowly, I watch as he moves towards me.  Handing me the glass as he gets closer to cumming.  Looking into my eyes, he says, “Hold it steady while I fill it.”  His screams of pleasure fill the room as I hold the glass steady.  His hot juice fills the glass as I watch in hot arousal.  My pussy is already dripping with a combination of both of our hot juice.  As I watched him fill that glass, I could feel my pussy fill again with my juice.

Cum Eating Phone Sex is Just a Dial Away 

Kneeling in front of Brian, I look up into his eyes.  Brian slowly kneels, facing me.  “I want you to drink that over dinner tonight.”  My gasp of aroused shock fills the room.  Taking the glass from my hand, he stands up and puts on the bar.  As we wait for room service to arrive, neither of us says anything.  Our dinner arrives and is set perfectly on the table.  As I watched the table being set, I couldn’t help glancing at the glass filled with his hot milk.

Brian moves my chair out like a perfect gentleman.  Before moving to his seat, he picks up the milk filled glass.  Placing it in front of me, he sits across from me.  Filling another glass with a whiskey, he picks his up, motioning for me to pick up mine.  Smiling, he says, “Cheers.”  As I bring the glass to my lips, I feel my pussy filling up with my own juice.

Want to be My Next Cum Eating Fetish Lover?