College Girls Turn a Day at the Beach into Pure Pleasure11

The forecast for this past labor stated it was a perfect beach day. So of course, I headed to the nude beach.  I love being naked in the hot sun.  And then once I’m really sweaty diving into the waves feels divine on my overheated body.  As I sat enjoying the ocean breeze on my naked body when I heard laughter.  Peering over my steamy book I noticed several college girls playing volleyball nearby.  Watching their barely covered hot bodies jumping up and down got my pussy tingling.

A volleyball landing hard between my legs interrupted my sexy thoughts.   I smiled when I looked up.   With an outstretched hand and a  huge breathless smile on her face, a sexy blonde asked, “Want to play with us?”  Smiling back I reached for that hand as I nodded my ascent.

Hot Phone Sex is Just a Dial Away

My pussy was so wet while I played ball.  Each time a body jumped up I found myself getting more aroused.  Needing a break I lied down on my blanket.  As I lay there with my eyes closed I suddenly felt hands on my body.  Opening my eyes I saw that I was surrounded by a sea of sexy bodies.  As their hands traveled over my body I couldn’t control the moans that fell from my lips.  Erotic sex stories often start this way.

Before I knew how it happened a hot tongue was on my swollen clit.  Looking down I could see the head of a sweet young cunt buried deep in my pussy.  And then a mouth was on my right nipple sucking deep of my nectar.  My head fell back with pleasure.  Then a hot tongue was sliding over my lips.  Opening my mouth wide I tangled tongues with a very hot and sexy kisser.  As my body convulsed with my powerful orgasm I became grateful for college girls.

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