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Pleasured and Punished for Being a Sinful Little Slut

I’ve Always Been a Sinful Little Slut When I was a teen I went to a very stric...

Latina Seduces teen Boy

Latina Seduces Teen Boy: A Good Catholic Girl Gone BAD!♕

.The Act Of Contrition: This is when you ask for forgiveness for the sins you ha...

public revenge sex

Public Revenge Sex: Ruining My Friend’s Wedding

“Don’t ruin your friend’s wedding!” I hear you cry as you open my tale o...

my snuff fantasy

My Snuff Fantasy – The Sexy Evil Blonde Accomplice

My snuff fantasy roleplays can get very wild and dark. If you’re looking f...

Extreme Agalmatophilia Fetish

You Have Such An Extreme Agalmatophilia Fetish, Don’t You?

I know you’ve got an extreme agalmatophilia fetish. It’s time for yo...

Fun Blasphemous Action

Fun Blasphemous Action In Front Of A full Church: We Took Thing Far.

Who knew being a rebel was a turn on? Let me tell you of my first fun blasphemou...

preacher's daughter

Seducing the Preacher’s Daughter Wasn’t Even as Hard as People Made It Sound.

The preacher’s daughter at our school was super hot. She was not the only ...

Fucking My Pastor On Video

Fucking My Pastor On Video: I Made It Special For The Church Ladies

Fucking My Pastor on Video: I recently found out that I’m one of the dirti...

blasphemy makes my pussy wet

Blasphemy Makes My Pussy Wet: God Damn It Let’s Get Nasty

Blasphemy Makes My Pussy Wet: My interest in Blasphemy started many years ago. I...

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