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Hot Beach Sex

Mystical Babes-1: Mack’s Search for Hot Beach Sex

Hot beach sex was the reason Mack bought the boat in the first place.  His girl...

Eating CreamPies

Eating Cream-Pies: A Post Apocalyptic Tale

Pat Riley would would not be caught eating cream-pies in his old life.  Rich an...

Mommy Domme

Mommy Domme- She Was Only Supposed To Be Around One Night

A mommy domme was not something Keith ever thought about.  As a matter of fact,...

small erect penis

Small Erect Penis Makes House Sluts Giggle

Liam’s small erect penis was the focal point of the girl’s laughter....

Cum Milking

Becca Starts Cum Milking Husband Kevin

Cum milking would never have crossed Becca’s mind when she first married h...

Revenge sex 3

The Ultimate Revenge Sex On Boss – Part Three

Bruce entered my office fuming about everything  I had taken from him with my r...

Manipulative Findomme

Manipulative Financial Domination Will Get You Paying Me All You Have

I don’t do Financial Domination in typical ways.  It’s not about demanding ...

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Ultimate Revenge sex

The Ultimate Revenge Sex on Boss- Part 2

Revenge sex is sweet. Bruce stood in front of her parking space when she rode in...

Pub Slut

Pub Slut Cheats on Boyfriend for St. Patrick Free for All

It is okay to be a pub slut.  At least, that’s what Rita said to herself as s...

Ultimate Revenge sex

The Ultimate Revenge Sex on Boss – Part One

  She never thought about revenge sex before, but damn, is revenge sweet! ...

Sex With Strangers

Anonymous Sex – Preparing for a Day of Sex with Strangers

  Sex with strangers sounds daunting for most, but for me, it has become se...

I Cant Believe Its Nut Butter

I Can’t Believe It’s Nut Butter- Cooking with Cum

Has your daddy ever made you a delicious dessert by cooking with cum? No?  I di...

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