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tight little asshole

My Tight Little Asshole: My Friend’s Dad is Obsessed!

Nothing’s Better Than a Tight Little Asshole! In high school, I was at my frie...

dirty old pervert

A Dirty Old Pervert Caught Me Masturbating with a 10-Inch Dildo

My Landlord is a Dirty Old Pervert! I’ve always known but just ignored it beca...

highly orgasmic pussy

My Highly Orgasmic Pussy: Daddy Absolutely Loves Fucking It

My Highly Orgasmic Pussy Needs Daddy’s Dick I’ve always been really playful ...

Very Kinky Girl

Very Kinky Girl: Confessions of a Sex Addict

You Guessed It, I’m a Very Kinky Girl I’m not gonna lie, I’m a sex addict....

drunken public fuck

My Drunken Public Fuck at the Club was Damn Hot!

Nothing’s Hotter than a Drunken Public Fuck I love how people’s inhibitions ...

nude mud wrestling

Nude Mud Wrestling with My Big Titty Best Friend

I Turned a Mud Wrestling Competition into Nude Mud Wrestling I’m not just a sw...

sweet sugar baby

Sweet Sugar Baby: Got a Sweet Tooth?

Looking for a Sweet Sugar Baby? Well, you’ve come to the right girl because I ...

crave tiny dick

I Crave Tiny Dick: OMG, My Doctor Hypnotized Me!

I Never Thought I’d Crave Tiny Dick! If you read my last blog, you know that I...

big dick energy

Big Dick Energy: Why I Fucked My Roommate’s Boyfriend

I Fall For Big Dick Energy Every Time!  I couldn’t help but want my roomm...

kinky new girl

The Kinky New Girl: C’mon, You Know You Want to Help Break Me In

I’m the Kinky New Girl at The Kingdom! What can be more enticing than fresh me...

sexy female professor

Sexy Female Professor: How I Seduced My Her and Got an A

I  Love a Sexy Female Professor! When brains meet beauty it is such a massive t...

innocent flirty fun

Innocent Flirty Fun: Making My Dad’s Friend Blow His Load

Just Innocent Flirty Fun! Dad’s friend, Josh, came by to watch the Superbowl. ...

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