RECENT kinky kingdom stories

Secret Fuck Buddy

Secret Fuck Buddy: It’s Time for Some Kinky Daddy-Daughter Play (Part 2)

I Love Being Daddy’s Secret Fuck Buddy! As I told you in part one, I love bein...

Kinky Daddy-Daughter Play

Kinky Daddy-Daughter Play: Secret Fuck Buddy (Part 1)

I Love Kinky Daddy-Daughter Play! Daddy and I love to have fun together, especia...

Very Naughty Girl

I’m a Very Naughty Girl and Need to be Punished!

Yes, I’m a Very Naughty Girl! Master, I’ve been a bad, bad girl and I need t...

Hot Young Bitch

Hot Young Bitch Seeking an Old Rich Stud to Spoil Me Rotten

I’m a Hot Young Bitch on the Prowl I’m seeking an old rich stud to take care...

Sissy Boy Training

Sissy Boy Training: Do You Secretly Want to Get Fucked in the Ass?

I’m Ready for Sissy Boy Training I know you have a deep dark secret. I know yo...

Big Plump Ass

Big Plump Ass: My Crazy Night with Hardcore Drugs and a Stripper

I Love a Big Plump Ass! You know those crazy wild nights out that just become le...

Warm Cherry Pie

Warm Cherry Pie: Do You Want a Piece?

Mmm, Warm Cherry Pie When I was a teen, I was so horny, like all the time! It wa...

Sweet Little Pussy

Sweet Little Pussy: Oops, I Was Caught Pleasuring Myself in Church!

My Sweet Little Pussy Needs Lots of Attention Just because I’m in church doesn...

Juicy Pussy Power

Juicy Pussy Power: Pulled Over by a Cop and Fucked My Way Out of It

Juicy Pussy Power is a Real Thing! There’s nothing like the sight and smell of...

Pussy Licking Pro

Pussy Licking Pro: How I Blackmailed My Step-Brother!

Every Twat Deserves a Pussy Licking Pro Every twat deserves a tongue that knows ...

Best Revenge Fuck

Best Revenge Fuck: Tricked Cheating Boyfriend with Shemale Sex

The Best Revenge Fuck I Ever Pulled Off Some of the best revenge fuck stories ar...

Crazy Abduction Fantasy

My Crazy Abduction Fantasy: I Need Someone Just as Kinky!

Can I Tell You About My Crazy Abduction Fantasy? I have this crazy abduction fan...

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