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Mormon Fuck Buddy

Married Fuck Buddy Loves Controlling Me and Giving Me His Huge Cock

I find it thrilling corrupting the married Mormon men from my old life. They are...

Perfect Boyfriend

Perfect Boyfriend Search – Looking for Mr. Grey the Sexy Man in Charge

A guy at the coffee shop reminds me of Mr. Grey. Of course, he is so sexy and to...

Daddy Dom Vacation

Daddy Dom Vacation – He Takes Me and A Friend On An Amazing Trip

My roomie and friend, Hilary is super curious about Hal. He is an amazing guy an...

2 weeks ago
Threesome sex

Intense Threesome Sex Makes Our Training Sessions So Much Better

Getting a roomie like Hilary is amazing. I am so lucky to have her. Add in our a...

Parachute sex class

Parachute Teacher Sex – Frank Has Me All Over the Hangar and More

Learning to skydive has been amazing. It is even more fun than I was thinking it...

Submissive Lesbian Fling

Submissive Lesbian Fling – Hot Domme Takes Charge of Me and Our Fun

We are at this huge lecture event. My friends and I are enjoying the speaker and...

Daddy Dom Sharing

Daddy Dom Sharing Is a New Thing He Is Trying in Our Dungeon

Hal is my dom and I adore him and our fun together. He owns an amazing bookstore...

Whore MILF Revenge

Whore MILF Revenge Is Unexpected and Absolutely Pussy Pleasing Fun

It is common knowledge in our town that Jeremy’s mom is a wanton slut. Of ...

Serendipitous Best Friend's Dad Interaction

Serendipitous Best Friend’s Dad Interaction Has My Pussy Dripping

Jenny and I love hanging out together. She is so much fun and a big help at scho...

Dungeon Role Play

Dungeon Role Play Is Putting a New Twist on Fun With Daddy Dom

My daddy dom is amazing. He is so much fun and knows how much I love it when he ...

First SPH Experience

First SPH Experience Leaves Me Laughing and Disappointed In Him

So far, I have been super lucky that in all my sexual experiences. The guys have...

Submissive Dungeon Adventures

Submissive Dungeon Adventures With My Daddy Dom and His Hard Cock

It is interesting that I met Hal while searching for books for school. His books...

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