RECENT kinky kingdom stories

Twist on Stalker Fun

Twist on Stalker Fun – I Flip Things on Him and Cum Harder than He Does

This guy is following me and checking me out daily. He is my new stalker. What h...

Little BDSM Surprise

Little BDSM Surprise – Sweet Man Thinks He is Teaching Me Something

Recently, I started seeing a new guy. His name is Billy, and I love his sweet na...

Fetish Loving Celebrity

Fetish Loving Celebrity – Wow, He Is Kinkier Than Me and I Love It Part 2

My interaction with my celebrity crush is so much more than I have been dreaming...

Hot Celebrity Sex

Hot Celebrity Sex – He Has Me Creaming My Panties From the Start Part 1

I love hitting the clubs with my friends. Especially when there is a big event g...

Seducing Sex Machine's Wife

Seducing Sex Machine’s Wife – Time to Work My Magic on Wifey Part 2

I have to be honest with you, fucking the pastor is a ton of fun! That man has m...

Sex Machine Pastor

Sex Machine Pastor – Surprises Sexy Coed With Naughty Skills Part 1

I am the epitome of kinky. So, after watching some television church shows, I wi...

Cheating Husband Sex

Cheating Husband Sex – Hot Neighbor Next Door Prefers Me Over Wifey

I am getting wilder and wilder, and I love being the bad girl. Especially when i...

Sneaky Coed Voyeur

Sneaky Coed Voyeur – Gets To Join Hot BBC Cuckold With Her Neighbors

To this day, I love watching my parents having sex. It is the thrill of watching...

Sexy Tranny Bar Interaction

Sexy Tranny Bar Interaction Brings a Huge Surprise and New Friend Part 2

Gia is talking about taking me to this amazing club tonight. I am so ready to go...

New Tranny Friend

New Tranny Friend – Teaching Me Things with Her Huge Cock Part 1

My neighbor, Dex, is a fantastic friend and kinky man. In fact, it is through hi...

Sexy Panty Sniffer

Sexy Panty Sniffer – Catching Him Makes Both Our Days So Much Better

Often, when you are thinking of panty boys, sissies come to mind as well. And, t...

Swapping His Calming Hypnosis

Swapping His Calming Hypnosis – Turning the Tables on Dr. Fine Part 2

Dr. Fine is a therapist. He helps those with addictive tendencies and more. Of c...

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