RECENT kinky kingdom stories

Wrong Number Gone Right

Wrong Number Gone Right – His Misdial Leads to Our Extreme Pleasure

Oddly enough, this guy is a wrong number gone right. He is dialing a friend, but...

Jingle Balls a Banging

Jingle Balls a Banging – Fulfilling My Fantasy With a Christmas Gangbang

As a naughty young slut, I have some pretty kinky fantasies running around in my...

Luxury Gym Fuck Buddy

Luxury Gym Fuck Buddy – I Can’t Resist a Man That Is Sexy and Helpful

Working out is something I love. It is good for me, and I feel amazing afterward...

Luxe Gym Flirting Fun

Luxe Gym Flirting Fun – Married Men Love To Help Me Work Out Part 1

Because I play with wealthy people, I am now a member of a luxury gym. Thrilling...

Seducing the Mall Santa

Seducing the Mall Santa – I Just Can’t Resist Him in That Red Suit Part 2

Call me crazy, but fucking the man in the Santa suit is such a turn-on! I think ...

Kinky Mall Santa

Kinky Mall Santa – He’s My Kind of Pervert and I Like That Bulge Part 1

The local mall is offering Santa photos with your pets. Of course, I have to tak...

Photographer Fuckfest Session

Photographer Fuckfest Session – He Can’t Resist This Barely Legal Beauty

Yes, I know how hot I am. So, when a sexy photographer offers a free photoshoot,...

Kinky Sissy Boy Finale

Kinky Sissy Boy Finale – This Is the Best Part and What I Love Most Part 2

Now that my friend is truly accepting himself, we are having a lot of fun togeth...

Sinister Sissy Boy Transformation

Sinister Sissy Boy Transformation – This Isn’t for Him, It’s for Me Part 1

I have a new friend. He is an interesting guy, and I know for a fact he is hidin...

Sweater Weather Tits

Sweater Weather Tits – Loving the Fabric As They Get Hard Against It

Okay, it is true; I love this time of year as it is getting colder. Why? Because...

Sexy Vampire Pack Fun

Sexy Vampire Pack Fun – Soon I Become Their Willing Immortal Slut Part 2

Waking up in my beautiful new bed is always such a wonderful feeling. Seeing Dem...

Dashing Vampire Twist

Dashing Vampire Twist – His Hypnotic Gaze is Pulling Me In Part 1

He is everywhere I am, and yet, I never seem to cross paths with him. Every time...

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