RECENT kinky kingdom stories

Mother's Day Orgy

Mother’s Day Orgy – Gifting All the Neighborhood Moms With Lesbian Sex

After some thought, my bestie and I decide on the best gift to the mothers in my...

Naughty Boss

Naughty Boss Has Me Working Extra Hard at My Kinky Part-Time Job

That naughty boss of mine is getting kinkier every day.  And, because of that, ...

Heel Insertion Fun

Heel Insertion Fun – Shoving My Designer Shoe Heel Up His Tight Ass

Lately, I am having fun with a new guy. He is sort of like my sub, and I am his ...

Kinky Dairy Queen Sex

Kinky Dairy Queen Sex – Fucking A Friend At His Job With Ice Cream Fun

My friend Max is a manager at the Dairy Queen near my house. I love their ice cr...

Kinky Coed CEI

Kinky Coed CEI – Teaching All My Playmates How To Eat Their Cum

I love the taste of gooey cum. Of course, my favorite way to eat it is as it is ...

Hot Lesbian Scissoring Sex

Hot Lesbian Scissoring Sex Has Me Climaxing Again and Again

College life has been amazing for me. Of course, it has given me a whole new out...

Kinky Boss Time

Kinky Boss Time – He Is Getting Naughtier As Time Goes On

Lately, he is into edging when I am at the house working for him. Of course, I l...

More Bisexual Fun

More Bisexual Fun With My Naughty Neighbor and His Kinky Friends

Recently, my neighbor had me over to fulfill my Bisexual Fantasy with some of h...

Unexpected Incest Fun

Unexpected Incest Fun With My Brother and His Friend Is So Hot!

My brother and I love fucking each other and having naughty fun. Of course, he k...

Capturing and Using Me

Capturing and Using Me – Taken by a Bunch of Drunk Guys on Campus

Being back on campus is great. Of course, I have access to the school library fo...

Kinky Part-Time Job

Kinky Part-Time Job for an Interesting and Perverted Older Man

There is a corkboard at school where we post for jobs, tutoring, things for sale...

Average Couple Rape Fantasy

Average Couple Rape Fantasy Has Me Finger Banging My Night Away

There is a middle-aged couple that lives down the street from us. They are so cu...

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