RECENT kinky kingdom stories

fag rape

Fag rape wasn’t part of the plan–A double blind date goes horrible wrong…for you! ♕

Fag rape on a date with fate Fag rape wasn’t exactly part of the equation ...

fucking santa

Fucking Santa in the Mall in Front of Everyone! ♕

Fucking Santa is definitely getting me on the naughty list Fucking Santa wasn’...

foot job footsie

Foot Job Footsie Under The Thanksgiving Table For Uncle Dick ♕

Foot Job for uncle Dick right underneath everyone’s nose Foot job fun duri...

cream pie crystal

Creampie Secret Walk-of-Shame: Getting Home After the Gangbang ♕

Creampie secret on the subway ride home. Whether you’re a slutty girl or a...

An uncomfortable looking male chastity device
A brother and sister wearing matching shirts that say "Brother" and "Sister."

Fucking my Brother as One Last Test of Loyalty to the Cult: Part 2 ♕

Fucking my brother to save us all. Fucking my brother was something I could no l...

Brother and Sister

Brother and Sister Go Undercover(s) To Get To the Bottom of an Incest Cult: Part 1 ♕

Brother and sister infiltrate a weird sex cult. My brother, Doug, and I have bee...

Chocolate Truffles on a Table

Candy from Strangers; a Cautionary Tale on Halloween for Guys ♕

Candy from strangers is a no-no. Candy from strangers and the taking thereof is ...

teen virgin crystal

Teen Virgin Gets His Diary Read Out Loud By His Mom In Front of Her Friends ♕

Teen virgin gets outed in front of milfs Being labeled a “teen virgin̶...

used condom crystal

Used Condoms Found in your Room After a House Party. Still on the Cock ♕

Used condoms have Mark extremely turned on Used condoms go in the trash.  At le...

lesbians fuck

Lesbians Fuck With Each Other in the Most Embarrassing Ways ♕

 Lesbians fuck with each other Lesbians fuck around all the time.  I don’t l...

cum eating crystal

Cum Eating – Training My Wimpy Neighbor to Love Cum Down To The Last Drop ♕

Cum eating awakens something in my neighbor Cum eating is the tipping point for ...

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