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taboo fantasies with mama Bridgette 1.866.355.8176

Taboo Fantasy: Mommy and Son Spend Some Special Time Together

What Once was Just a little Innocent Mommy and Son Time, Turns into a Very Taboo...

sissy anal training

Sissy Anal Training: Today My Sissy’s Education Goes to the Next Level

Sissy Gets An Education As To What Sissy Anal Training TRULY Means I’ve allowe...

feminized sissy slut by bridgette 1.866.355.8176

Feminized Sissy Slut Gets His Ongoing Education Taken to the Next Level

Expanding the Training of a Feminized Sissy Slut I’ve been watching Jeremy fro...

taboo mommy

Taboo Mommy and Son: Our Special Bond Knows no Bounds

Our Taboo Mommy and Son Relationship Was Going to a Whole New Level With the war...

bdsm sex stories including diaper discipline by Bridgette 1.866.355.8176

BDSM Diaper Discipline is an Excellent Tool for Naughty Adult Babies

My Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers Come to Find Out that BDSM Diaper Discipline i...

newly discovered sissy baby turned bitch

Newly Discovered Sissy Baby is Fast Tracked to Sissy Bitch Status

I Discover There’s More to My Newly Discovered Sissy Baby Then Meets the Eye I...

man eating cougar bridgette 1.866.355.8176

Man Eating Cougar Loves Young Tender Meat… and You’re on the Menu

I’m not your Run-of-the-MILF: I’m a Man Eating Cougar I admit it. It...

incest sex stories with Bridgette 1.866.355.8176

Aunt and Nephew Incest: My Dreams of Having my Nephew come True

I Can’t think of My Nephew Without Thinking of Aunt and Nephew Incest I’m lo...

chronic bed wetter

Chronic Bed Wetter Wets his Bed Once Too Many Times

The Chronicles of a Chronic Bed Wetter As the alarm nudges you awake, and the re...

torturous tease and denial with bridgette 1-866-355-8176

Torturous Tease and Denial is So Much Sweeter with a Captive Audience

Crave the Sweet Torture of a Sensual Session of Torturous Tease and Denial I’m...

sex laws around the world

International Sex Laws from Around the World that Confuse and Confound

Interesting and Odd International Sex Laws from Other Countries As I had said be...

sex laws across the united states

Domestic Sex Laws that are Still on the Books To This Day

Domestic Sex Laws That Will Make You Laugh, Cry, Fume, and Shudder I always find...

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