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glory hole whore

True Confession of the Glory Hole Whore

 Have you ever been to a glory hole? How about being a glory hole whore? Being ...

Hairy Pussy Femdom Forces Me To My Knees

I find myself feeling impatient as I drive. If there was one thing I could alway...

9 months ago
cum-slut sissy

Cum-Slut Sissy Finally Gets Used

It was finally time. Mistress had trained you so diligently. Working hard to str...

9 months ago
cock sucking sissy

Cock Sucking Sissy Gets Taught a Lesson!

Things had changed. You quit your job and now had become your wife’s perma...

9 months ago

Forced Pegging; Sissy Transformation Fantasy Pt 5

It’s been weeks since your wife last humiliated you, making you squirt your cu...

forced prostate milking

Forced Prostate Milking: Sissy Transformation Fantasy Pt 4

You can’t believe what she just said. Oh, finally, it was your turn. You felt ...

anal hook sissy

Anal Hook Sissy: Sissy Transformation Fantasy pt 3

Little did you know, this would lead to you becoming a pathetic, dripping, anal ...

sissy transformation fantasy

Sissy Transformation Fantasy Part 2: Stricter Rules

You came home exhausted. You had been wavering between being hard and being limp...

Sissy Transformation Fantasy Part 1: Just The Beginning

Does your wife have a sissy transformation fantasy? Let’s identify the sig...

hypnotism mistress

Hypnotism Mistress makes me want to give in completely

I always look forward to the weekends… I was thinking about it all day. He...

tease and denial footjob

Tease and Denial Footjob for Mistress’ Toy!

Let me walk you through a tease and denial footjob, today. Strip down and sit do...

slutty witch

Slutty witch turns me into a werewolf breeding toy!

I was a ragdoll after being so well fucked. The demon who had his way with me an...

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