Anal Sex Fantasy-My Ass Opened a Whole New Door of Pleasure

Anal sex fantasy is the key to a full-body experience.  I love sex and plenty of it.  However, when I first started having sex, I didn’t find the thought of having anal sex appealing.  Then several years ago, I had a lover that changed my mind in the most delicious way possible.

We had been seeing each other for a couple of months the first time he brought up the topic of anal.  We had just had off the charts hot sex.  Laying beside him, rubbing my breasts against his chest in my post-orgasm tingle, he suddenly turned me over.  Feeling his body cover mine, I gasped with surprise when he began rubbing his slightly hard cock against my ass cheeks.  Pulling my hair back, he pushed his mouth against my ear, “I want that ass.”   With a pounding heart, I suddenly felt as though my entire body turned into liquid fire.  And, then, he whispered, “we’ll take it slow.”   I groan in pleasure as I feel his fingers slide down between my ass cheeks.  And, then, I gasp as he begins rimming my tight ass.  He slowly slides a finger in and out of my ass.

Want a Little Back Door Fun?

Of course, my hips start pumping back against him as another finger slides more easily into my tight hole.  His fingers glide out of my flesh, and then his hard cock is there.  As he parts my flesh, his now hard cock slides easily between now burning skin I moan in pleasure.  Feeling him slide into my now spasming ass, I felt the familiar rush of liquid fill my aching cunt.

Once the door was opened, anal sex became a regular part of our sex life going forward.  Anal quickly became a favorite sexual pleasure.  And the more I did it, the more I wanted it.  Then it happened.

Adult Chat is the Key to your Pleasure

We were watching TV together on his bed.  Naked and stroking each other’s slightly aroused bodies as we only half-watched the move.  Turning fully towards me, he moved his body over mine.  Laying on my stomach, my ass started gyrating against his cock.  My body began to tingle at the thought of him sliding deep into my ass.  Straddling my thighs, I felt his strong fingers start to kneed my ass.   I stood lay beneath him incredulous at his audacity as he began palming my ass and then squeezing it. Soon I was on the receiving end of a full-out deep tissue butt massage; I kept anticipating the slide of his cock into my body.  But it didn’t come.

His hands never left, kneading my cheeks with his strong fingers, meeting the resistance of the lifetime of tension I held confined in those muscles. I’m sure I knew subconsciously, but my conscious mind had no idea how much anxiety and tension I held in my glutes,   Leaning forward his lips brushed against my ear as he whispered, “Just relax. Let your ass open fully”.  Breathing heavier, I didn’t fully understand.  But trapped beneath him, I couldn’t deny how different my entire body was feeling.  My whole body started to vibrate as his hips began to slide back and forth against me.

Are You Ready For an Anal Sex Fantasy?

By the time he parted my cheeks and slammed his beautifully hard cock into my ass, my body was one mass of buzzing pleasure. My entire body started to vibrate with internal ripples of pleasure.  As his cock slid deeper into my ass, my pussy exploded with wet pleasure.  As he fulfilled my anal sex fantasy with the act of sliding deep, my body began to convulse.  Anal rings gripped his stiff flesh, and ripples of orgasm began to build.  And, then, he pulled my hips up higher as he got onto his knees.  His cock began to pound my ass with such force that the sound was like a cacophony of handclaps against my flesh.  Our screams of orgasmic pleasure merged as my entire body shook in darkly erotic pleasure.  The gateway was open wide.

Erotic Fantasy Sex Can Open your Full Orgasm