ALL Of This And NUN Of That!

I was barely twenty when first I entered these Hallowed Halls. Partly out of reverence, partly to escape my old life. Growing up in a trailer park in the middle of ass-fuck nowhere. I was raised by hard-working blue collar parents who worked way too hard to keep us from knowing just how poor we were. That small grace however, left me to do all sorts of naughty things. In their absence, I indulged in smoking, drinking, cussing and…oh. my favorite…Fucking. I liked it hard and deep; up the ass, down my hungry throat and grinding my hot pussy. Some dubbed me a “Cum-aholic” and I must admit…I’m a heavy drinker. For years my life was ruled by a need for All of this and Nun of that! Giggle

After a few years of fucking every man I got ahold of…and looking over my shoulder for the law…(Ummm. A girl still has to eat…food!), I decided to change my life completely.

Did I miss the dangling cocks and cum dripping tongues, chins and fingers?

What? Of course I do…um did! My carefully planned escape was ready to be put into motion. I caught the 1 AM train out of Austin, TX, bound for Uh oh…the key to pulling this off would be letting no one know where I am.

Enter, me…at this place, as I mentioned Hallowed Halls. As good a place as any in which to hide, right? I could pull my shit together, clean up and fly right, right? I had no concerns once I embarked on the journey, even my outfits would be supplied to me through the Mission at the Sisters of Divine Mercy, in parts unknown. Yes! I decided to becum, a nun.

I had envisioned spending boring nights after lights out, for the rest of my life in quiet reverence and prayer. That all changed…

Two weeks in and just beginning to develop some tentative friendships, I sat alone in my cell (Yes. That’s what they call them at a convent).

I was journaling about my day, when I heard the soft footfall of a nearby cellmate. I knew her by the skipping sound she made. Then came a rap at my door. I answered in whisper to find there was a gathering of the Sisters, and I had been invited.  It was a sort of…silent “swearing in” ceremony, lead by the senior Sisters. Finally a little action around here! Yawn.

I was lead blindfolded and wearing a ceremonial drape; hearing muffled giggles as we made our way.  The ceremony of it did make me feel a little excited. I immediately felt the warmth of the chamber and sensed a light even through my blindfold, but I didn’t get a sense that I’d been here before. There was a low hum, almost a chant in the background and I had a quick moment of …fear. Just like the unknown, eh?

I was led to a heavy table and helped to lie back.

My legs were being parted and I supposed in that moment, they needed proof that I was intact. Boy, where they in for an awakening when they saw this unvirginal little pussy! When I expected fingers for my examination, I felt something soft, warm, wet gliding passed my lips and up over my tense clit. Before being overcum with delight, I knew the sensation. I knew it so well. A tongue worked my pussy until I was trying to crawl backwards from the table.

The tongue worked feverishly, and my hips were lifted from the table, suspended in air while my back, shoulders and head remained resting on the top. I was licked until I sprayed cum all over the faces of those closest to me. And just as I began to relax into the orgasm, there was something impaling me from below. I was no stranger to anal sex, but embuggering was a term that was new to me. New, but, WOW! To have that fist buried deep inside my ass was a whole new world of pleasure and pain!

To quell my screams of pleasure and as not to awaken Reverend Mother, a pussy, dripping and pink, was placed over my mouth and I drank.

I told you already, I’m a heavy drinker, didn’t I? LOL The night was filled with nubile bouncing tits, nipple torture, full anal submission and clit biting, the initiation was over. Why would I ever want to leave this paradise of pussy with the occasional priest travelling through? I wouldn’t. On the outside all that awaits is trouble and nun of this, nun of that…A life of denial. Inside these walls…there lies nothing but bliss.  And I needed BLISS after my failed Love Affair.

Want to know if I spent the rest of my time in lesbian heaven? Call me to find out the ins and outs of this twisted tale.

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