My Neighbor Discovered his Adult Baby Diaper Lover Fetish When I Forced Him into Diapers

I bet when my neighbor Jimmy woke up this morning, the last thing on his mind was that he was going to be forced into diapers.  Not only would he be forced into diapers, but the act would spark a hidden adult baby diaper lover fetish.  I mean, who thinks that, right?  Me, that’s who.  So much so that I have a special room for just such an occasion.

Jimmy was growing into a fine young man – sixteen and he already had the makings of a serious heart breaker.  Tall and lean and already had such defined muscles. Hey, a girl would have to be dead to not have noticed these things!  As such, I had frequently asked him to help me out with my yard work – mowing, landscaping, excavating and such (what good were all those fine muscles if one couldn’t avail oneself of them?).

So the other day I had him come over to take care of a little yard work. I was bringing him to the back of my property where I needed his help when I noticed him squirming a bit.

“It’s right back here Jimmy.”

“Uhmm, ok, but I think I need to use your bathroom first.”

“Nonsense, we’re almost there – I’m sure you can hold it for a few minutes longer, can’t you?”

“Uh, sure…”

I pointed out the patch of poison ivy that had to be removed. Explaining at the same time that a family of rabbits were in there amongst the bushes, so spraying a weed-be-gone product was not an option. I looked back at Jimmy and saw that he had turned slightly away from me. Not only that, but he was standing in such an awkward stance that it made me pause.

It took a moment, but then it dawned on me what had occurred. Soon Jimmy was going to learn the joys of an adult baby diaper lover fetish

A slow knowing smile crossed my face. I asked him what was wrong, the question seemingly innocent, though it was anything but. Oh, he tried to shrug it off like nothing at all, or nothing big.

“Please Miss Bridgette, it’s nothing. Can we just drop it?”

“Now Jimmy, if it’s nothing, then you won’t mind standing up straight and look at me.”

His head fell forward for a moment, knowing that I was most definitely NOT going to drop it. With his face flushing with the knowledge of what I was going to discover, he turned to me. It was clear that Jimmy had wet his pants. And we were both going to discover his reluctant adult baby diaper lover fetish.

“Ahh, I see the dilemma. Well, there’s nothing for it but to get you cleaned up, and into something dry and a little bit more… appropriate.”

A puzzled look crossed his face at my statement. But before he could question me about it, I had grabbed him by the wrist and was dragging him up to the house. He was sputtering objections, fighting me half-heartedly the whole way.

I dragged him up the stairs and to a door at the end of the hall. I opened the door for him and pulled him inside.  He stood dumbfounded in what could only be described as a nursery. But this one had much larger proportions.

The adult-sized nursery was stocked to satisfy any and every adult baby diaper lover fetish imagined.

I spun him around, and with quick and nimble fingers, started to remove the soiled pants and underwear. He gave little resistance to my ministrations, probably still in a state of shock as to what was transpiring. He then found himself on the changing table with a pacifier stuffed in his mouth, with a diaper slipped under his freshly wiped bottom.

“Now now Jimmy. It’s clear to me that you can’t be trusted to be a big boy and use the bathroom like all the other big boys.  We both know that only babies wet themselves, so they need diapers. You wet yourself, so clearly you need to be in diapers as well. And if you give me any lip, then I’ll turn you over my lap and give you the spanking of your life, is that clear? Then I will march right up to your mom, with your soiled pants in hand, and announce to her and anyone else within earshot of what you did.  Do we have an understanding?”

With that, I continued to diaper and powder his bottom and his “baby peepee”. That’s when he noticed something. Something that was very clear to me as well: Jimmy was getting hard in his new diaper.

Seems Jimmy had an undiscovered adult baby diaper lover fetish.

A big smile came across my face as I cooed to him in baby talk, “My, my, oh my. What do we have here? Does widdle Baby Jimmy have a widdle baby chubby in his diapee? What if I wub your peepee in your diapee?  I think someone likes his widdle pamper, doesn’t he?”

The realization of how his life was going to change washed over him as he slowly nodded his head.

This was his life now. Not only that, but he was going to like it, whether he wanted to admit his secret adult baby diaper lover fetish or not.


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