Weird Sex Fetishes that I am Dying to Try Again, and Again

Time to take my love of weird sex fetishes to the next level
weird sex fetishes

These weird sex fetishes demand a repeat performance

By now, I think we know each other well enough that I can tell you about all of my weird sex fetishes and fantasies. So far, we’ve talked about the weird sex fetishes that I’m too scared to try and the fetishes that are hot but impossible to try. Today I’m going tell you about the weird sex fetishes that I’ve tried and would love to try again.

Pussy Pumping–  A few years ago I dated a guy who was a serious kinkster and he introduced me to the wonderful world of pussy pumping. A pussy pump works a lot like a penis pump. It’s a suction cup, that goes over your pussy. The suction action increases the blood flow to your labia and your clit. Not only did I love how plump and juicy my pussy looked after a good pussy pimping, but the extra blood flow to my clit gave me an epic orgasm! Sadly, that relationship ended and my ex-boyfriend took his pussy pump with him. But, bought a new pussy pump. Now I need someone to share one of my favorite weird sex fetishes with.

Medical Play– I’m sure most of us have played doctor or done a naughty nurse roleplay. But my last experience with medical play to the next level. One of my favorite boy toys is an OBGYN. We had made plans for dinner one evening and I went to his office to pick him up for a night out on the town. He locked up the office and I sat on an exam table while he finished up some paperwork. While I was waiting I asked him what a bunch of equipment was used for. He started telling me out all of the different probes and cameras in the office and what they were used for. I jokingly said that I wondered what it looks like when he cums in my pussy. He gave me a cheeky grin and before I knew it I was naked with my legs in the stirrups as he inserted the small endoscope into my pussy. He turned on the screen and I could see my pussy getting wet as he slid into my pussy. Seeing his huge wad of cum filling my pussy on the big screen was one of the hottest things I have ever seen. As far as weird sex fetishes go, this wasn’t one that I had been thinking about, but I’m glad it happened and I can’t wait to do it again!

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