Virtual sex with people from around the world! They fucked my avatar.

Virtual sex with my avatar

Virtual sex sounds like it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. And it’s not. But, I have always been into computers and what you can do on them. It all started back as a teen when I would go into adult chat rooms and get wet just by reading what these people were saying. I didn’t engage just yet… but soon I was making friends who were around my age. Yeah, they were actually around my age! Seems crazy for internet but just teens from around the world who I would talk dirty with.

After a bit that grew old so I tried IMVU, it was okay. It was pretty much the same as the chat with friends. So, I stopped. Virtual sex was not in my vocabulary anymore. Until I found Second Life! I played for HOURS with my bestie just shopping, listening to music, going to virtual clubs and making friends. Well, of course we stumbled onto a club that did something called “escorting.” In the virtual world the word “escort” is actually just a girl you pay in Linden and fuck.

I was totally ready for this new world of virtual sex

Me and Regina looked for the best place to escort ourselves. We came across this super hot club with chains and whips everywhere. Avatars were fucking left and right! I was ecstatic. We were hired on the spot because of our hot avatars. And from then on guys paid us to take us to any place we wanted. Sometimes in space, France, a tropical island, a BDSM playground, whatever we wanted! And we fucked every single guy and girl that wanted us. Our avatars were covered in virtual cum!

It was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to see what’s next on the internet for virtual sex!

Let’s do a call! I want to hear from you. And for more of my steamy sex stories… stay tuned. 😉

virtual sex stories

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