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femcan fetish

FEMCAN FETISH: “It’s What’s For Dinner”

Your femcan fetish really translates into something more like: “You’re What’s For Dinner” I am fucking starved, and your femcan fetish phone sex call is the only meal that satisfies my perverse,…

femcan fetish


Femcan Mistress is hungry. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find a femcan mistress for no taboos phone sex. Well, one with ACTUALLY zero (negative, if anything) taboos or limits, that is. And it’s especially…

fetish femcan female cannibalism vore fantasy

FETISH OF THE WEEK: “Vore” Fantasy & Female Cannibalism

Thanksgiving just around the corner has me thinking about my taboo (and pet) fetish. Some of my absolute FAVORITE fetish calls to receive are from my soon-to-be little TURKEYS: i.e., eager dinner hopefuls and…

burp fetish

Burp Fetish Tale From Your Favorite Curvy Girl!

Burp fetish is so delicious! Burp fetish — Uuuuuurp!  Excuse me!  I don’t know what’s come over my body!  Admittedly, I did just have a big meal.  As a matter of fact…

weird fetishes

Vore Mistress ISO Fresh Meat

I love weird fetishes, especially ones that are extra taboo. What consists of counting, weird fetishes-wise? In my (not so humble) phone sex humiliatrix opinion: the weirder and more fucked up, the…

fetishes phone sex fetish phonesex

Taboo fetishes that REALLY turn me on

A non-comprehensive compendium of some of my pet fetishes. You have fetishes. Everyone does. And yes, I do mean plural. Freud was onto something with that whole “polymorphously perverse” thing, if you…

oral sex stories vore

Oral Sex Stories Get Literal When You’re Eaten Alive!

Oral sex stories that’ll make you ‘hungry’ for more. Oral sex stories– Mmm mind if I chew your ear? “You’re so tiny, baby.  So….bite size,” my voice booms. You were surprised, I…

giant crystal

Crystal Is a City Stomping Giant

Giant Crystal Gets a Little Revenge I’m a giant, err giantess, now!  How did this happen?  How is it possible?!  It doesn’t matter.  All that matters is that I am the size of an…

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