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pedophile humiliation phone sex confessions verbal abuse

Pedophile humiliation phone sex

Pedophile humiliation: because you need to hear the truth. Pedophile humiliation phone sex is the next best thing to watching a rape-revenge movie. For me, that is . . . because for you it’s…

erotic psychological humiliation phone sex

Psychological Humiliation Phone Sex: Cry While You Cum

Crave psychological humiliation? No shame in that! Except that there is shame in psychological humiliation, actually. There’s enough shame to go around . . . and around . . . and around . . . FOREVER.…

anti-white racial humiliation snuff fantasy phone sex

Racial Humiliation Snuff Phone Sex For White Losers Like YOU

Anti-white racial humiliation snuff fantasy phone sex: my take on the old “kill whitey” adage. My anti-white racial humiliation phone sex fantasy isn’t racist. You can’t be racist to white people, anyway. Don’t…

Mommy fetish phone sex blair

Mommy knows you were a fucking mistake.*

That’s right. Mommy does know best. And you can’t argue with that. Mommy knew from the moment you came out of her that she should have aborted your ass. You grew up…

bitchy girlfriend phone sex gfe phonesex verbal abuse humiliation role play argument real life

Bitchy Girlfriend Phone Sex

Bitchy Girlfriend Phone Sex = Verbal Abuse Meets GFE What’s “Bitchy Girlfriend Phone Sex,” you ask? Well, here are some questions for you that should give you a nice clear visual —…

Phone Sex


PHONE SEX LINE CROSSING…WILL YOU RISK ITALL? Phone Sex…Do you want to know one of the BEST PERKS of PHONE SEX?  Anything can and DOES happen. Every once in a great while…you…

humiliation phone sex

Hardcore humiliation phone sex ahead

Hardcore humiliation phone sex ahead Are you in need of some seriously intense humiliation phone sex? Well you’re in luck because humiliation, especially verbal humiliation is one of my favorite things to…

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex

I can sense things. Things like how you’ve been inadequate your whole life, haven’t you? I wonder how long you’ve known about your “short cummings”. Maybe you figured things out at a…

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