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hardcore sex stories

Hardcore Sex Stories – Forced Gangbang Part Two*

Hardcore Sex Stories – Forced Gangbang Part 2 Gangbangs are one of the most hardcore sex stories around because of the amount of cock involved. As a recap, I teased some construction…

Hardcore Sex Stories

Hardcore Sex Stories – Forced Frog Transformation*

Hardcore Sex Stories – Forced Frog Transformation Hardcore sex stories are what I’m all about because I’m one of the kinkiest bitches on Phone Sex Kingdom. Let me take you on a…

sex stories post

Sex Stories Post – Second Kinky Fantasy in My Game*

Sex Stories Post – Second Installment of My Game – Werewolf Fetish Fantasy This is a place for my sex stories post, but I wanted this to be a collective. Feast your…



MY UNEXXXPECTED TRANSFORMATION! An Unexxxpected transformation?  Here’s how it went. I’d been alive for over 800 years.   So, he had never had a lover who could lick her pussy and ass…

Another Stroke of Bad Luck, pt. 2

“Come on, we’re almost there!” I tugged on his arm . . . and felt fur sprouting underneath my fingertips. Thick fur.

Another Stroke Of Bad Luck

Like a cat, he landed perfectly on his feet. I clicked on the flashlight I’d tucked into my jacket’s secret pocket, putting it underneath my chin to create that harsh “evil” glow and…

A Midnight Cemetery Meeting

I was waiting in front of the cemetery’s entrance, an ancient wrought-iron gate we were going to have to climb over. My friends had already gone inside and to prepare for the…

His Transformation Fetish Wish: PART TWO

I really don’t know how, but somehow I managed to go my whole life so far having never seen The Craft. Unbelievable, right? I mean talk about a fucking CLASSIC! This weekend I…

His Transformation Fetish Wish: PART ONE

Have you ever heard of something called “Transformation Fetish?” Neither had I until a got a very unusual (and very exxxciting) call a few weeks ago. I thought I had heard of…

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