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post-orgasmic torture

Post-orgasmic Torture The Best And Cruelest Reward

Do you know what post-orgasmic torture is? Some of you might, but now’s a great time for some special education for those who don’t. Though it is always better to have a…



DARK SEX SWALLOWS US… Your sex is nothing…unless your sex swallows you…it’s not being done right! And, the darker the sex…the better!  To be dark, I don’t mean a little hair pulling or, a…

Incest & Abuse?

You guys know I have a very close, but somewhat taboo and risque relationship with my Brother right? Well it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other and I’ve been missing…

cock and ball torture

Cock And Ball Torture Is Always Fun

Cock and Ball Torture Darlings! I have been having so much fun lately. You seem to like me more the worse I treat you! I may even have to dust off my of…

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